Living in Manitoba

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Manitoba is one of Canada’s most immigrant-friendly provinces. This is where you will find vast fields and open skies, as well as peaceful lakeside views, historic sites, and modern architecture indicative of its progressive way of life. Find out more reasons why immigrants now choose to call it home. You may be inspired with what Manitoba has to offer!

Quick Facts

  • The province of Manitoba is twice the size of the United Kingdom.
  • Manitoba is known as the land of 100,000 lakes.
  • After English, the top languages spoken in Manitoba are German, French and Tagalog.

Living in Manitoba Articles by Topic

Newest Living in Manitoba Articles

The mystical Winnipeg Legislative Building

Cropped front view of the Manitoba Legislative building

The Manitoba Legislative Building, referred to as “the Leg” (pronounced as “lej”) by locals, has a hidden code in its… Read more »

First Nations Groups in Manitoba: The Anishinaabe

Article thumbnail fallback

Did you know that Winnipeg has the largest number of Indigenous language speakers of any city in Canada? Overall, there… Read more »

Learning about cultural taboos

Man eating a plate of noodles

Did you know that it’s taboo in Arab countries to show the soles of your feet in public? Pointing or… Read more »

Hiking for beginners: How to start and what you need to prepare

Silhouette of three people in the middle of a trail

So, you’ve decided to try hiking – fantastic! Whether you’re eager to explore nature, get some exercise, or simply enjoy… Read more »

Recent Living in Manitoba Articles, CLB3-4

Did you know that Manitoba holds several “World’s capital …” titles?

Spirit Way Wolf Mural, a Polar bear, crocus flower, sunflower, and Chuck the Channel Cat monument

There is more to Manitoba than meets the eye! From its diverse natural resources to its marvelous wildlife, there are… Read more »

Has your home been tested for radon? Here’s why it’s important

A couple and an agent wearing masks while looking at a house

It is concerning that Manitoba is the second leading province with homes having radon levels higher than Health Canada’s guidelines…. Read more »

Worried about your road test? Here are 5 tips to help you pass with flying colours

Person driving with a passenger

Taking the road test may not be something you’re looking forward to. Someone watching you drive closely can make you… Read more »

Maintaining your home and surroundings in Manitoba

Person mowing

Did you know that there are standards for maintaining your home in Manitoba? These standards are not only about keeping… Read more »

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