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5 benefits of gardening you may not know

Father and son gardening

It’s gardening season! Starting a garden is a great idea especially if you love nature and the outdoors. Also, did… Read more »

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5 gardening hazards you should watch out for

kneeling on the ground, gardening

Are you a seasoned green thumb who knows their plants by name (and also sings to them)? Or a first… Read more »

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Top tips for smart voters

Winnipeg's City Hall

Did you know that municipal elections will be held on October 24th of this year? On this date, Manitobans will… Read more »

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Participate in workshops and group activities

Summer Course

A word cloud relating to summer and community learning.

In the summer of 2018, English Online will be delivering our Summer Course for the 6th time! Yay! We thought… Read more »

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Employment Workshops

Two people shaking hands with charts on the wall in the backgorund

This is a series of workshops related to career planning and employment in Manitoba.

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Get to know the Indigenous Peoples of Manitoba
June 18 @ 7:00 pm

A traditional Indigenous dancer

Attend this coffee chat to learn a little more about some of Canada’s first peoples.

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Complete self-study activities

Language Explorer

The word "English" superimposed over a photo of a Canadian crowd.

Language Explorer Acts will help you decide which lessons with English Online will best suit YOU.

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iEnglish Activities

Article thumbnail fallback

iEnglish is a set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to take more ownership for… Read more »

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Idiom Set: People & Personalities

Group of happy multiethnic people raising hands together

In this idioms set you’ll find Canadian idioms relating to people and personalities. Click on each lesson for informative presentations,… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Prabaharan Balasubramanian

Prabaharan Balasubramanian and family

Praba’s family immigrated to Thompson in 2014. Read how his positive mindset played a big role in his smooth settlement… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Firouzeh Azhdari-Nassab

For busy mom and sales professional, Firouzeh, finding time to study English was a problem. When she registered with English… Read more »

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