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5 steps to becoming an active listener

Two women talking

Active listening is being fully present and being actively engaged in a conversation. The goal is to understand, not to… Read more »

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What to expect on your first dental appointment

Man smiling at dentist

An upcoming visit to the dentist can make you anxious. Some anticipate pain, others feel helpless or embarrassed about having… Read more »

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10 more useful phrases to know (and use) at work

casual office meeting

Have you heard a buzzword or idiom you didn’t understand at work? When this happens, it can seem like people… Read more »

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Participate in workshops and group activities

Understanding Indigenous Perspectives: An Essential Course for Newcomers to Manitoba

Understanding Indigenous Perspectives Course title

Course Description This is a series of lecture/discussions to introduce newcomers to Indigenous Peoples’: History Significance and place in Canada… Read more »

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Language circles

2 chat bubbles with maple leaves in them

Language circles are  weekly 1 hour sessions to practice English language skills on topics related to everyday life of a… Read more »

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CLB 3-4: Are you ready for spring?
April 20 @ 10:00 am

A sparrow on a branch with new, pink blossoms opening.

This session is specifically designed for learners who are CLB 3-4. Let’s discuss ways to get ready for spring! Before… Read more »

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Complete self-study activities

Language Explorer

The word "English" superimposed over a photo of a Canadian crowd.

Language Explorer Acts will help you decide which lessons with English Online will best suit YOU.

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iEnglish Activities

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iEnglish is a set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to take more ownership for… Read more »

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Idioms Set: Seasons

clip art icons of seasons

In this idioms set you’ll find Canadian idioms relating to seasons of the year in Manitoba. Click on each lesson… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Nguyen Thi Hoang Dung (Dzung Nguyen)

Dzung Nguyen

Dzung Nguyen was among the first to answer my request for interviewees. I had posted an ad asking for “stories… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Brhan Abrha

Brhan’s answer to the question “what do you like about Manitoba?” confused me. She said “Oh, I like the shiny… Read more »

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