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Preparing for an online class How to join an online class Dealing with computer problems

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Need help filing your taxes? Here’s where to go

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Filing taxes can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t worry, the Canada Revenue Agency created a Newcomer… Read more »

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5 proven ways to learn English quickly

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For newcomers to Manitoba, being able to communicate in English is key to accessing essential services, finding job opportunities, and… Read more »

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Participate in workshops and group activities

Digital Skills at Work- Week 3

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Course Description Digital Skills at Work (DSW) is a four-week course focusing on essential digital skills required to succeed in one’s career…. Read more »

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Language circles

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Language circles are  weekly 1 hour sessions to practice English language skills on topics related to everyday life of a… Read more »

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CLB 3-4 Coffee Chat: 5 quick tips to make online learning work for you ( Class is Cancelled)
March 28 @ 10:00 am

Two people in an online conference or chat.

Join us to learn 5 effective tips to make online learning work for you. Look up new words in an… Read more »

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Complete self-study activities

Language Explorer

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Language Explorer Acts will help you decide which lessons with English Online will best suit YOU.

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iEnglish Activities

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iEnglish is a set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to take more ownership for… Read more »

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Idioms Set: Seasons

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In this idioms set you’ll find Canadian idioms relating to seasons of the year in Manitoba. Click on each lesson… Read more »

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Learn about newcomer experiences, or share your own

Newcomer Story: Isabella (Xinyu Yang)

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“One kind word can change an entire day.” This came to mind as I was reading Isabella’s appreciation letters for… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Sara Yousufi

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Congratulations to our December Language Contest winner, Sara Yousufi! This soft-spoken lady started learning with English Online (EO) just last… Read more »

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