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Newcomer Story: Maksim Antipev

Maksim and family

New year, new life Maksim and his family arrived in Winnipeg on December 31, 2015. Together with his wife Anna… Read more »

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Newcomer Story: Zainab (Jeny) Ghulam Rasool

Zainab (Jeny) Ghulam Rasool

“Leaving behind our loved ones was not an easy task. But with the understanding of the seniors in our family,… Read more »

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5 biggest myths about online learning

Person on a laptop with mobile phone ready and coffee close by.

Some people shun online education because they have preconceived notions about it. More often than not, those who have not… Read more »

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The three P’s of a productive online chat

Two people in an online conference or chat.

So you’ve signed up for one of our coffee chats and you’re anxious about how it will turn out. Don’t… Read more »

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Tips when proofreading and editing your work

Document with corrections

Here’s the simple truth: Another person should proofread and edit your work. There are three good reasons why checking your… Read more »

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Intermediate Exercises

Icons representing reading, writing, listening, speaking, and practice

The Intermediate Courses focus on intermediate English skills (CLB 5 – 8). You will practice all four language skills in… Read more »

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iEnglish Activities

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iEnglish is a set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to take more ownership for… Read more »

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Canadian Idioms Activities

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OK, so you move to Canada and all of a sudden you realize that people speak differently here. Each conversation… Read more »

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Volunteering in Canada

Canadian flag billowing in the wind

Course Description Volunteering in Canada (VOLinC) is a 4-week course. This course focuses on the importance of volunteering in Canada: Why do people volunteer… Read more »

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Health Workshops

A health care worker holding the hand of a patient

This is a series of workshops related to health. Workshops 1 is geared towards CLB 3-4. Workshop 2 is geared… Read more »

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Setting English learning goals the SMART way
October 25 @ 10:00 am

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This session is specifically designed for learners who are CLB 3-4. Join us to discuss how how to set English learning… Read more »

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