Newcomer Story: JH

I had a chance to speak to JH over Skype in a sort of an “ambush interview” after her LINC Home Study session with our e-facilitator Blaine Roberts. Despite the short notice, she graciously accepted my invitation for a short interview and shared with me her story (Thanks, JH!):

Unfazed by challenges

It has been her family’s aspiration to move to Canada. The young family from Israel wanted to immigrate for many reasons. Fortunately, they had the chance to visit Manitoba for a brief period. The family liked it here and decided to move. JH, her husband and two young kids arrived in Winnipeg in September 2016.

Just like any other immigrant family, they faced challenges when they first arrived in Manitoba. However, when asked about them, JH seemed unfazed. “As expected, just like many immigrants, communication using a foreign language can be difficult. I know English but like a tourist in Europe (laughs)! Also, the culture is very different. Actually, everything is different, so there were a lot of difficulties. But we knew what we were getting into. So we were ready,” she said.

“Actually, the biggest challenge is that I have two kids. In Israel I had babysitters. Here, I have to take them with me everywhere, without help. I think it’s the biggest problem,” JH continued. With a toddler and a baby at home, JH found that she had to put her career and studies on hold. But despite this, her positive outlook shines through. “My oldest son is now in Kindergarten. He is in school, so I started to learn English. And then next year, he’s going to be in the first grade. So I know it’s temporary. It’s not going to be a problem forever. So I’m just waiting and enjoying my time,” JH said.

“Be patient because immigrating is hard. Be ready for difficulties but it will get better. It just takes time.”

Learning with English Online

JH learned about English Online from WELARC. She thought learning online was perfect for winter. Also, she didn’t have a driver’s licence yet, so it was great for her. At first she didn’t know about LINC Home Study so she started studying English using online resources on Live and Learn until January. After this, she took the Manitoba Nurses Union’s course and finished Module 1. She is currently enrolled in LINC Home Study where she gets one-on-one English lessons online.

“I think learning with English Online is helping me. But I feel that I do not have so much self-discipline to sit and learn. So, I’m the problem! I would recommend it for people who can’t go outside and can’t find the time to study. It’s perfect for people who have self-discipline who want to sit and learn,” JH said.

Be patient

Both JH and her husband were full-time workers back in their home country. She worked as a registered nurse at a hospital in Israel. So naturally, she would want to go back to her career and practice nursing in Manitoba. With the process for registering requiring a lot of time and work, she knows that she could only do it little by little for now. However, she does have clear plans about her career path. In the meantime, JH continues to study English and enjoys Winnipeg’s peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Later on, she plans to take up more courses to build her career and then perhaps pursue a job as a Health Care Aide at first.

JH’s best advice to newcomers: “Be patient because immigrating is hard. Be ready for difficulties but it will get better. It just takes time”, she said.