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English Online’s Summer Course is a 9-week course for immigrants to Manitoba. Its purpose is to provide a flexible learning environment for English practice and community networking, along with an introduction to summertime life in Manitoba. The complete facilitated course was first offered by English Online in 2013.

Featured image: ELTONS 2014 nomination badgeIn 2014, the Summer Course was nominated for the British Council ELTons awards.  Being “the Oscars” of the teaching world, the ELTons are the only international awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching. Our Summer Course was nominated in the category of local innovation. As a result of the nomination, we received a beautiful badge!

What you’ll learn

  • about summertime life Manitoba
  • a variety of English skills useful for speaking and writing

How this course works

  1. Add this course to your profile.
  2. Download Summer Course Guide and save on your computer. Study the file. Contact an eFacilitator to ask questions – see contact details below.
  3. Scroll down to find the weekly learning materials and other components of the course.

Activity Content

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Week 1_Introductions


Week 2_Making plans for the summer


Week 3_Volunteering in the summer


Week 4_Going to a pow wow


Week 5_Celebrate your culture


Week 6_Summer safety


Week 7_Going camping


Week 8_Barbecuing


Week 9_Wrap up


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