Digital Skills at Work- Week 3

Course Description

Digital Skills at Work (DSW) is a four-week course focusing on essential digital skills required to succeed in one’s career. It is designed for CLB 5-8.

Why are digital skills increasingly sought after by employers? How  can your digital presence enhance your competitiveness? Why is it important to continuously develop your digital fluency? How to  build a personal brand? What do we need to know about netiquette to communicate effectively at work?

This course will provide you with an opportunity to understand and develop digital skills which are essential to excel at work in Canada.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the basics of digital citizenship
  • create your e-portfolio
  • expand your professional network online
  • improve your presentation skills

How to join

  • Add the course to your profile. This tells the e-Facilitator that you have joined the course.
  • Start working on the activities by selecting an appropriate week below. The weekly menu can be found on the left navigation column or at the bottom of this page. Weekly materials will be published every Tuesday.
  • You start the course by completing a self-assessment.
  • Each week you will complete a set of self-study and group-study activities and work on your online projects. At the end of the course, you will take the self-assessment again to measure your progress.
  • You will receive feedback from your eFacilitator and peers as you go through the course.
  • Upon completion of all assignments, you can request a Certificate of Participation.


  • self-assessment, before and after the course
  • ongoing feedback on completed weekly activities
  • evidence of ongoing participation in online workshops and discussion forums
  • online projects


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