Become an Autonomous Language Learner (B-ALL)

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Course description

Abbreviated as B-ALL, Become an Autonomous Language Learner is a five-unit course with English Online Inc. The course aims to enthuse you in your self-directed learning of English, using a mix of discussion, practice, and reflection. Do you know what it takes to be a self-directed learner? You may be surprised how much and how fast you can improve your English skills if you (a) take charge of your learning process and (b) take advantage of all the learning opportunities that surround you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the course and after completing it, you will have a toolbox of independent learning strategies, along with a richer sense of who you are as a learner.

Workload per unit

Depends on your level of ambition: Between 1 and 7 hours.

Access to course material

When enrolled (= course added to your profile), you will always have access to the course material, your answers and the discussions.

How this course works

  1. Add this course to your profile. This tells the eFacilitator that you’ve joined the course.
  2. Read B-ALL Syllabus carefully. Contact an eFacilitator to ask questions – see contact details below.
  3. Scroll down to find the weekly learning materials and other components of the course.
  4. Click on “Unit 1…” to get started.
  5. Click on “Resources…” to explore various apps and websites anytime during the course.




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