Canadian cultural values and beliefs

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People from Canada are friendly. They often say sorry, even when they have not done anything wrong. They enjoy being peaceful and quiet.

Not every person in Canada is the same. But, there are 10 common things that most people in Canada do. Knowing these can help you learn more about Canada:


Everyone is seen as equal. There isn’t a rule that says some people are more important than others. Every person should get the same chances and rights.

How people dress

In Canada, people dress in a simple way. The clothes they wear to work can be relaxed or a bit formal. Everyone calls each other by their first names. This is true for older people and people who have top jobs at work.

Order and space

People in Canada like to keep things clean. They also like having a place that is only for them. They like to keep information about their private life private. It is usual to be kind and to respect the private space of other people.

Love for community

People from Canada take their duty to their community very seriously. They like doing things on their own. But, they also think that being part of a group of people is very important. They show this in many ways. They use their time to help others. They also give money.

Being on time

Arriving on time is very important. This means you arrive when you said you would. It shows that you respect other people. It’s also important to finish your work when you said you would. This shows that you are a person who others can believe in.


Showing respect is about being kind to others. It’s not nice to talk about how a person looks. It’s also not nice to think less of people because of their age or where they were born.

People often speak in a way that is careful. They might say they have a different opinion about something. But, they say it in a way that is careful.


Canada became strong when people from many different places came to live there. They made Canada their home. Having many different ways of life is good for everyone. In 1971, Canada was the first place in the world to say yes to having many different ways of life. It has a rule that allows people to keep their unique way of life. It helps them to live happily with people from different ways of life.

Political correctness

People in Canada try not to say or do things that could make others feel unhappy or left out. Canada is a place where many people from different parts of the world live. So, it is very important to be careful with our words and actions. This helps everyone to live together in a nice and friendly way.


People who live in Canada really like the place they live in. They often like their local area more than the whole country.

People often say that the Atlantic provinces are quiet and like old ways of doing things. Ontario is seen as a place where people work a lot and have old-style thoughts. People think that those in Western Canada are friendly. People think British Columbia is special and always thinking about what will happen next. Quebec is seen as different and can make its own rules. The North, which has places like Yukon, the Northern Territories and Nunavut, is seen as having a strong wish to discover new things.

Love for the environment

People in Canada really like nature. They take care of parks and big open areas. They follow rules that are good for the Earth.
Article updated July 19, 2023.
Sources: Cultural Information-Canada; Commisceo Global, Canadian Cultures, University of Winnipeg; and Regionalism, The Canadian Encyclopedia. Accessed and updated November 6, 2018.

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