5 activities to do in January to start your year right

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Do these five activities to start the new year right.

  1. Get a physical check-up

    Schedule a physical check-up with your doctor. They can check your health history. They will also check your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and your bone and heart health. Get a check-up even if you don’t feel sick. The doctor will give you tips on how to be healthy throughout the year.

  2. Think of your successes then make new goals

    Write down what you’ve achieved in the past year. Seeing your strengths will boost your self-confidence. Set new goals to build on your successes like continuing to improve your English, finances, health, career, and relationships. Stay positive.

  3. Get things in order

    Clean your house, arrange your closet, throw away things you don’t need (or donate to charity). You increase efficiency and productivity when everything is organized at your home and office. Clean your office desk and computer. Don’t leave many files on your desktop. It will slow down your computer. Put related files in one folder. Name the folder and make it easy to recognize so that you can find your files quickly. Move all your folders to My Documents. Remove files you don’t need.

  4. Pay your debts

    Pay your credit card balance. Pay higher than the minimum if you can’t afford to pay the entire amount. Stick to a budget and save money. Read 8 habits that will help you avoid getting into debt for more tips.

  5. Keep your mind healthy

    • Forgive yourself and others – Forgiving is like cleaning your mind. You let go of all the bad feelings. Forgive people who have hurt you. Forgive yourself too for your faults. Tell yourself that you will do better next year.
    • Get rid of negativity – Talk to someone about your worries. Consult your priest, therapist, counsellor or confide in your close friend.
    • Make time for self-care – Go to a spa, meditate, or pray. Relax your mind. Get enough sleep. Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Avoid self-criticism.
    • Be creative – Get a hobby that you enjoy. Paint, knit or write. Volunteer and share your talents. Train your brain to be positive and active.
    • Take walks outside – Take short walks outside even in winter. It will reduce your stress. Sunlight can boost your mood.

Article updated December 16, 2020.
Sources: 4 ways to get into a positive mindset for the new year, Lisa Evans, Entrepreneur; It’s ‘Clean out your computer’ day. Here’s how to declutter your computer in 4 steps, Chris Ambrose, Monster; Mental Health: Coping with stress, Health Canada; and 9 ways you can improve your mental health today, Patricia Harteneck, PhD. MBA, Psychology Today. Accessed November 27, 2018.

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