Cartwright Killarney Boissevain Settlement Services

A sunset in the Cartwright, Killarney and Boissevain area.

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Q&A with Dustin Mymko, Settlement Services Officer
Cartwright Killarney Boissevain (CKB) Settlement Services
November 7, 2016

English Online (EO): Does CKB have a large newcomer population?
Dustin Mymko (DM): Cartwright, especially, has a large newcomer population. There is a large, growing German community in Cartwright whereas the newcomer population in Killarney and Boissevain tends to be more Filipino and Indian. There is also a refugee family who has been sponsored in Killarney and another one in process.

EO: Do you project a steady increase in the newcomer population in the coming years?
DM: Cartwright has always been very welcoming to newcomers and is actively trying to recruit and promote immigration. We have a very multicultural community.

EO: Who are eligible to receive settlement services?
DM: Our program receives funding from IRCC to provide settlement services to Permanent Residents (including refugees) in the areas surrounding Cartwright, Killarney, and Boissevain. Services are also available to temporary foreign workers or anyone else who may need them in Cartwright-Roblin Municipality thanks to the Roblin-Cartwright CDC, which is very interested in promoting the growth of the community.

EO: Do you have other service offerings that are not listed on your website or new and upcoming projects?
DM: In conjunction with the Roblin-Cartwright CDC, we offer small business loans to anyone in the municipality who is looking to start or expand a local small business.

EO: Do you have any other message for incoming immigrants (pre-arrivals) and newcomers looking to move to your municipality?
DM: Cartwright-Roblin Municipality has a strong economy with a strong economy based around agriculture and manufacturing. It is a wonderful and beautiful place to raise a family and is full of community-minded folks who work hard to keep their community thriving. The pride and joy is the K-12 school that features a Grade 12 that is community-funded to allow students to graduate close to home.


About Cartwright, Killarney and Boissevain (CKB):

Grain elevator behind a row of horseback riders in the Cartwright, Killarney and Boissevain area.

Image by Garnie Ross, The Big Apple Images. © Used by permission

Cartwright is a village in southwestern Manitoba, Canada. Just 13 kilometres east of Cartwright you will find Mather. Both of these communities reside in the newly amalgamated Cartwright-Roblin Municipality. It was merged (Cartwright with the RM of Roblin) in January 2015. The new municipality has a population of around 1,240.

This region in rural Manitoba has beautiful and bustling communities that feature many areas of interest such as recreation centres, parks, and museums. Every year, many people attend the region’s fun-filled and activity-packed events such as Ponderosa Days, Mather Fall Festival, Sports Day in Cartwright, and others.

Cartwright Killarney Boisevain (CKB) Settlement Services
Settlement services offered:

  • Information for exploratory visits and pre-arrival
  • Welcome and orientation to the community and Canada
  • Assistance in form completion and application including Social Insurance Number, Manitoba Health, Child Tax Benefit, school registration, Pharmacare, Manitoba Housing, etc.
  • Assistance with Permanent Residency, Provincial Nominee, Sponsorship and Citizenship application
  • Support, information and assistance concerning immigration issues
  • Advocacy
  • Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public services

Contact person: Mr. Dustin Mymko, Settlement Services Officer
Email:; phone: (204) 529-2307

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