Newcomer serving organizations: Your partners for successful settlement in Manitoba

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Going to a new country can be hard. Even if you have learned about it before you leave, you will still have many questions when you get there.

This is why Manitoba has special places to help. These places support people who are new. They help you with your questions. They can tell you about services that you can use.

What are newcomer serving organizations?

These are groups that help people who have just moved to a new place. They give you information, show you new things, and give you help. Some of these groups can even help you get things or money that you can use for learning.

These groups help people who are Permanent Residents (PRs). They also help people who had to leave the country they were living in. They help people who are working in Manitoba for a short time. They help students who come from other countries. They even help people from Canada who have just moved to Manitoba.

What can they help you with?

There are groups that can help you with many things. For example, some groups can help you when you are looking for a house. Other groups can help you learn a new language or find a job. There are also groups that give different kinds of help. They can give you:

  • Orientation – You will learn about Canada and Manitoba. You will also learn how to become part of your new community. You will get more useful information to make your move easier.
  • Needs Assessment – They can work out what kind of help is best for you. They can guide you to groups that they work with. They can suggest programs that match your needs and what you want to do.
  • Career Coaching – Finding a job and applying for one can be very different in Canada. Career coaches can help you understand the job market. They can also help you understand how jobs in Canada work.
  • Employment services – Employment services help you find a job. They can give lessons on how to talk and communicate. They also give training for certain jobs.
  • Language training – Language is a very important part of your success. These groups give lessons on English and French. The lessons can be given in person (in a classroom) or online. They can be in a group or one-on-one.
  • Others – Other services include programs for families. There are also programs for mental health and other kinds of support.

How much do these services cost?

These groups get money from the people in charge of the country. A section of the people in charge gives this money. This section is named Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They give help and it does not cost anything for people who need it.

There are also different groups that give help. These could be groups like charities, schools, or companies. These groups give help for no cost or for a little bit of money.

Can I trust them with my information?

When you sign up for programs, they will ask you for some information. They will want to know your full name. They will also want to know the day you were born. And they will want to know your number for immigration. They need this information to do studies. These studies help to make new programs. Or they help to make the current programs better. You can believe that your information is safe. It will only be shared with IRCC. If you want to know more about how your information is kept safe and used, you can read Gathering information to better meet the needs of newcomers to Canada.

How can I find a newcomer serving organization?

There are many easy ways to do this:

  1. Manitoba Start – This group first looks at what you need. They give you help. They can also help you find a job. They have classes to get you ready for work.
  2. Visit Manitoba 211 – You can also talk to someone. You can do this by calling 211 or 1-855-275-1197. This phone call does not cost anything.
  3. Talk to the Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) near you – SWIS are usually in the schools closest to you. They give you information. They help you understand things. They also show you other programs. These programs help new students. They also help their families become part of their community.
  4. Look at our list here: Immigrant-Serving Organizations
  5. Look at MANSO – Learn more about groups that help new people. Go to the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) website.

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