3 ways a good digital presence can get you a job

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What is “digital presence”?

  1. Digital presence means your reputation online.
  2. It is formed by your “digital footprint” (everything about you on the Internet).
  3. This includes:
    • Your profile on
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Instagram, and other sites.
    • Your posts. This can be:
      • a blog
      • comments on forums
      • your “likes” on Facebook or Twitter
      • links you share
    • Anything written about you online.
    • Your photographs or videos online.

Why do you need to have digital presence?

  1. Employers look for information about their applicants on the internet.
    • When an applicant doesn’t have digital presence, it as taken as a sign that:
      • the person does not like technology
      • he/she may be hiding something
    • Technology is used in the workplace.
    • If an applicant does not like computers and online tools, he may not be a good fit.
  2. Other recruiters search on LinkedIn for candidates.
  3. If you don’t have a digital presence, you are missing some opportunities.

How does a good digital presence help your career?

  1. It shows your knowledge and skills
    • How do you do it?
      • By writing a blog
      • Posting tips
      • Sharing links to professional articles
      • Participating on professional forums.
    • To build a good reputation, share smart, thoughtful, respectful, and accurate information.
    • Never flame (insulting others or using curse words)
    • Never troll (posting messages that make others angry).
  2. Helps you network/build relationships
    • Your online connections can become real connections in your field.
    • Start networking by:
      • having a LinkedIn account
      • joining Facebook groups
      • “following” people, organizations or companies on Twitter
    • Being active online keeps you informed about:
      • job openings
      • job fairs
      • seminars
    • Keep your connections by staying involved.
      • share helpful content
      • answer questions
      • retweet or re-post information. Share with your connections or help promote events.
  3. May help employers decide to hire you
    • It is hard to show passion for your career in your resume.
    • An active digital presence can display your professional knowledge and involvement.
    • It can be the factor that gets you hired.

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