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Digital skills are the skills you need to use digital technology. This means being able to look for, understand, make, and share information. It also means knowing about the newest ways to talk with others and how to use tools (Digital Canada 150).

These skills are part of nine important skills needed for most jobs. They are very important for working in Canada. At the most basic level, they include:

  1. Computer use – Knowing how to operate a computer and other devices such as laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  2. Processing information – This means knowing how to use special tools or software. For example, people who design buildings might use AutoCAD. People who manage money or payroll might use Quickbooks.
  3. Profession-specific tools – Being able to use hardware or software like AutoCAD for architects, engineers, or project managers; Quickbooks for accountants or payroll managers, and others.

Why are digital skills important?

Without these skills, you won’t even get your foot in the door. Digital technology is now a part of every business. It helps things work better, saves money, and makes tasks faster. Businesses need to know how to use technology to stay current.

We use digital technology not just in our jobs, but also in our daily lives. We use emails to send and receive messages. This is instead of writing messages and sending them through the mail. We buy and sell things on the internet. We do our banking, pay our taxes, learn skills, and ask for basic services on the internet. Because of all these things, knowing how to use digital technology is very important. It helps us live, work and be part of a fast-growing digital economy.

Going beyond the minimum

Here are other digital skills that can give you an edge and become a top candidate for any job:

Basic web skills – Being able to write code is a skill many people want. Even if you know just a little bit of HTML or CSS (these are languages for making websites), it can be helpful. This is because most companies now run their own websites. They may also have content management platforms for internal and external communications.

Social media literacy – Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and others, have become platforms for marketing and promotions. Social media is now used for ads and special deals. It allows businesses to talk to their customers in an easy and cheap way.

Design/Graphic skills – Knowledge of creative software like Canva, Photoshop or In Design will help you produce communication materials that may be used online or printed.

Netiquette – Equally as important as knowing what to do online is knowing what you can’t do. Netiquette is knowing that you can’t post inappropriate pictures, air dirty laundry (e.g. badmouthing a boss, complaining about the company, posting racist or discriminatory thoughts), share false information, or use the company account for personal use.
Article updated January 25, 2023.
Sources: Building digital skills for tomorrow (Digital Canada 150), Computer skills that will help you get hired, Alison Doyle, Career Tool Belt.

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Community Resources

Need to upgrade your digital skills? Here are a few suggestions:
Join English Online’s courses: Events. Aside from improving your knowledge about Manitoba as well as your English skills, you’ll pick up a lot of digital/technical skills since everything is done online. We also have a Digital Skills Multi-Week workshop. Learn new digital skills every week!

Want to learn how to use a computer and get a computer to practice on? Altered Minds has Computers for Life. This is a free program for newcomers with basic English. Students benefit from intensive classes and get to take home a free, low-cost desktop computer after completion of level 1.

The Immigrant Centre offers free computer training. They offer computer basics, Internet use, email, online employment applications, Skype and Microsoft Office programs. How to register.

Inquire from Manitoba Start about their computer skills training courses.

Success Skills Centre offers affordable computer training courses as well as other employment skills training programs.

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