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Digital literacy is having the skills to use, communicate and keep up with technology.

Having these skills is important to your success in Canada.

Whether you want to improve your English language skills, connect with others, or find work opportunities, having strong digital skills will help you achieve these goals faster.

What are the most necessary digital skills you need today?

  • Basic computer skills: Knowing how to use a computer, keyboard, and mouse. Knowing how to use basic software applications is also important.
  • Internet and email: Being able to connect to the internet and knowing how to send and receive emails are needed for communication and information-gathering.
  • Online security: Understanding how to keep personal information and devices secure online. Also being able to use critical thinking to recognize fake information, online scams and cyber threats.
  • Online shopping and banking: Knowing how to buy goods conveniently and safely online and managing finances through online platforms.
  • Social media: Using social media platforms to connect and network with others, safely. Also knowing netiquette basics and keeping personal and professional information private.

Let’s explore some resources to help you develop your digital skills:

Where to learn basic skills:

Digital skills programs in Manitoba:

  • Computers for Life (Altered Minds) – This is free computer training for beginners. It takes learners from basic computer operation to videoconferencing. Students can take home a free or low cost desktop computer when they complete Level 1.
  • Free computer classes (EDGE Skills Centre, Inc.) – Offers free classes on Windows 10 and MS Office applications via Zoom. Please go to the link for registration details and schedules.
  • Computer Training (Immigrant Centre Manitoba) – The program provides basic computer training and a Computer Lending Library Program for those who need a computer. This program is on hold for now but please check the link for updates.
  • Tech Manitoba Computer Skills Basics 101 – A series of videos that teach basic computer skills. The series is in English with an Arabic version.

Online resources:

  • ABC Internet Matters – Empowers adults who are not comfortable with using the internet. It is done through easy to read workbooks that talk about online safety. All workbooks can be downloaded for free.
  • ABC Skills Hub – This hub contains short courses not only about digital literacy but other topics like work and cultural skills. The classes are easy to follow and interactive. English Online has an account on this platform. Send an email to cloza@englishonline.ca if you want to start learning on this hub.
  • Google Applied Digital Skills – This a free, online digital skills curriculum. Lessons and materials are appropriate for a wide range of learners, from middle school to college, and beyond. It uses a series of videos to guide learners through creating a project from scratch. This means that learners who complete a lesson leave with a useful project, such as a resume, a college planning sheet, or an interactive story. All you need is an email to log-in and create an account. Learn more about this platform here: About Applied Digital Skills.
  • Digital Skills at Work (English Online) – This course runs for four weeks, held twice a week with the same topic each week (same topic but different activities). You will learn Digital Citizenship, Building a Professional Network Online, Developing an e-Portfolio, and Digital Presentation Skills. The workshops are facilitated by an instructor. This multi-week course is offered at EO several times a year. Please check the Events Calendar for schedules. Register here if you’re not a client yet.

Learning about computers can be scary at first. But the great thing is that the more you use them, the better you’ll become. You’ll discover that these tools make learning and living easier and more efficient. So keep learning and growing!

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