5 reasons why Manitoba is a great choice for international students

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Here are five reasons why Manitoba is a great choice for international students:

  1. High-quality and globally-recognized education

    Manitoba’s education system is modern, complete with cutting-edge facilities and award-winning teachers and professors. It is internationally recognized, which makes Manitoba an excellent destination for international students.

    For example, the University of Manitoba has an illustrious record of being the first institution to award the first degree in Western Canada in 1880. You can also choose to attend any public or private institution in Manitoba and expect to receive the same quality education and training.

  2. Comparatively less expensive

    Tuition and fees vary across institutions. For example, you may pay less for a course at a college compared to a university. However, in general, Manitoba has the advantage of offering affordable education compared to other provinces in Canada. To illustrate, an undergrad international student paid close to $15000 less in Manitoba in 2020, compared to the average cost in Canada (Canadian and international tuition fees by level of study, statcan.gc.ca).

    Tuition costs: International undergrad degree, 2020/2021:

    • Manitoba (CN)$17,099.00
    • Canadian average: (CN)$32,019
  3. Wide range of choices for schools and programs of study

    In some countries, the terms college and university can be used interchangeably. However, in Canada, they mean two different things. Colleges focus more on career training and the trades, while universities are geared toward academic and professional programs.

    You will have a wide range of programs to choose from in Manitoba. Colleges and universities offer more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can also choose to enroll in any of its five public universities, three colleges, four religious denominational post-secondary institutions, or technical institute. The best way to get more information about each institution is through their respective websites and admission offices. Here is a list of some of the colleges and universities in Manitoba:

    Universities in MB:

    Colleges in MB:

  4. Many types of accommodation options

    Manitoba offers a wide range of accommodation options for international students with some of the lowest costs in Canada. The following are some of the options available:

    • Dorms/Campus residences – Some institutions offer campus living services. This is an excellent option if you can afford it. They offer rooms with all amenities, including furniture, internet, and space to study.
    • Homestay– You can choose to live with a host family that rents out a private room, often with daily meals for monthly or per semester fees. Host families are screened and approved by your institution. Each institution has its own rules.
    • Private housing –Winnipeg, the biggest city in Manitoba, offers some of the lowest rental rates compared to other major cities in Canada. Private housing means renting a room, apartment, or house. You will have to deal with the landlord (or homeowner) directly.
    • Staying with family or friends – Living with family or friends in Manitoba may be the most economical option. Make sure that you will have commuting or driving options that are efficient and safe.
  5. Easier path to Permanent Residency

    An easier path to permanent residency through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) was recently launched. This program offers quicker processing for international students who graduate from an institution in Manitoba. This means that once you graduate, you will have the option to establish your career in Manitoba and became a Canadian resident, then a citizen after a few years. Visit the MPNP for International Students page for more details.

by Bedel Shafea

International Students Province of Manitoba (gov.mb.ca)

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Community Resources

Temporary foreign workers, international students and other groups with temporary status can avail of free services and supports. Read the list here: Services for Temporary Foreign Workers and temporary residents.

Are you interested in studying in Manitoba? Go to Study in Canada as an international student for more details.

Watch this presentation to know more about Manitoba:
Manitoba EduCanada São Paulo Presentation – 2018 – YouTube

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