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Parents need all the help they can get when it comes to supporting their children. Especially for newcomer parents, helping their kids adjust to their new environment will be a priority. The following are suggested websites to help you do just that. These free and easy-to-access resources will help you get information about the things your kids are learning in school, equip you with proper tools to support them in their academics, find free and high-quality after school activities to encourage a well-rounded development, and other related websites to support your (and your children’s) needs.

Manitoba government-suggested websites for parents, educators, and community members:

According to Manitoba Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart, “these resources are designed to empower parents to help their children achieve academically and ensure students have access to a quality education in safe and caring learning environments.” (quote and website descriptions from Manitoba News Release, Sept. 6, 2016):

  • My Child in School, a user-friendly website that provides an overview of curriculum content to help parents support their children’s success in school.
  • My Learning at Home, a website where students in grades 5 to 8 can find videos, animations and interactive websites to help them understand or deepen their understanding of many concepts in mathematics and science.
  • Safe and Caring Schools, a website that provides Manitoba’s educators, students, parents and community members with valuable information and resources to support safe, caring and inclusive schools.
  • Healthy Schools, a website that provides toolkits and guidance on how good health is important for learning, and that children who are physically active show better academic performance and self-esteem.

Library links:

Regional libraries:

Community based programming and support for newcomer youth (and families):

  • City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide, Swimming for all Ages, and Priceless Fun, downloadable pamphlets containing listings of recreational programs in community centres and libraries in various areas of Winnipeg.
  • General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC), this is where you will find information on Winnipeg’s 63 community centres. Find out your nearest community centre, its upcoming events, programs offered, rental facilities, and others.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, operates 10 community-based clubs for young people ages 10-18. They offer drop-in and enhanced programs that include sports, recreation and physical activity; arts and cultural appreciation; and education and career exploration. Some activities require pre-registration.
  • Art City, offers free, high-quality art programs. Special programs include digital photography, ceramics, drawing club and digital art, and other activities that facilitate creative expression.
  • NEEDS Youth After-school Program, is for newcomer youth ages 12 to 17. It offers educational activities, skills development, recreational activities, and field trips designed to assist them in successfully integrating into Canadian society.
  • NEEDS Introduction to Canadian Education, is a school-preparedness and orientation program for newly arrived refugee youth, 6-17 years old, who are awaiting placement in a Winnipeg School. It consists of orientation sessions about Winnipeg and school preparedness, English language skill development, recreational activities, and computer skills development.
  • Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA), holds a Youth Sports Night, an After School Summer program and other recreation and learning events.
  • Ka Ni Kanichihk, offers various mentorship programs for Aboriginal youth. They provide academic, cultural and leadership activities geared to develop skills, self-esteem, self-respect, and resilience.
  • IRCOM Children’s Programs, include activities for children 6-12 years old, five days a week (4-6 p.m.). These range from recreational and sports programs to literacy and art-related activities.
  • West Broadway Youth Outreach, provides recreational and life skills programming for youth ages 4-12 in the West Broadway area and beyond. Activities are all year-round, focusing on mentorship, and various fun educational and recreational activities.
  • West Central Community Program, provides a drop-in program for children and families in the West End of Winnipeg, offered in three area schools: John M. King, Wellington and Greenway School. Activities consist of recreational, sports, and art programs.
  • Seine River School Division, offers individualized and classroom supports for English as an Additional Language learners, after school activities (La Barriere Crossings School), and youth gym/activity night at Ecole St. Norbert Immersion.
  • Graffiti Gallery, a community centre that promotes youth art. It provides free art workshops, breakdancing, hip-hop choreography, dance and film.
  • Elmwood Community Resource Centre, provides an after school program for students of River Elm and Lord Selkirk schools (Girls Club, Boys Club, Yoga Kids Club) and the Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation (YEAR) Program.
  • Rainbow Resource Centre, represents and supports LGTBTTQ individuals, communities and families. Its youth programs (for ages 13-21) focus on skill development, capacity building, and creative expression such as creative writing workshops, movie nights, self defence, and bowling.
  • Seven Oaks School Division, provides services to newcomers, often in collaboration with schools:
    • Maples Youth Activity Centre provides leisure activities to encourage active, healthy living to youth 9-17 years old. The program is offered in two schools and includes recreation, art, music, cooking and others.
    • Kildonan Youth Activity Centre offers recreation, art, music, cooking and other activities to youth 8-17 years old. It is offered in five schools.
    • Extended Day Growth Education for middle years is a program that operates in nine schools.
    • After school language classes (heritage languages and English as an Additional Language) is offered to students who attend school in the school division. Languages include Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Filipino, Cree, Ojibwe, Spanish, German, and EAL. Classes are from 4:30-5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.
    • Wayfinders is an after school tutoring and mentoring program for high school students living in the Elwick community and Watson Drive. It provides opportunities for community service and financial support.
  • Teen Stop Jeunesse, has various programs and supports for youth ages 8-18. They offer a Life Skills program (cooking), arts and crafts, computer lab, homework assistance, School of Rock mentorship, recording studio, leadership programs, a Youth Coop program (entrepreneurship), food bank, light counselling and referral services.


Sources: Manitoba News Media Services, MIRSSA Recreation Resources for School-Aged Newcomer Children and Youth (Jan. 2016)

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