Planning on going back to school? Here are resources to back you up

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Choosing to return to school is a smart choice. This could be a course that helps you to move forward. It might be more study after your first degree. Or it could be lessons to make your skills better. This choice will make you feel good. In Canada, many people are searching for jobs. Making your skills better and learning all the time will help you. It will make you more attractive to those who give jobs. It will also prepare you for a job that is higher. It can also help you make new friends. It can help you learn more about the field you work in. Or it can help you discover new things you enjoy.

In Canada, many people are searching for jobs. Making your skills better and learning all the time will help you. It will make you more attractive to those who give jobs. It will also prepare you for a job that is higher.

The best thing is that there are many courses to help with learning and training. These are especially for people who are new to the field. Whether you are still trying to find a job or already have one, these courses can help. They can make it easier for you to learn or study.

Start here

Employment and Development Canada has a helpful page. It is named Let what drives you drive your career. It has many helpful links. These links can help you know your skills, learn new things, get help with money, plan your job path, find job tools, and more.

Knowing your skills, what you like, and what you can do is a good first step to plan your job path. In this way, you can start to make a plan. This plan will be clear about what you have and what you want in a job. After that, you can make a better choice. This choice will be about which classes and trainings to join. The tools in this page will help you at each step of making your job path in Canada.

Funding Programs

You might be worried about not having enough money. If you are thinking about going back to school, the people at the school can help you. They can tell you about money that you don’t have to pay back. This money is known as scholarships and grants. They can also tell you about other ways to get help. If you are starting to get a professional certificate or license, the group for your job (professional associations) can give you the right information and help. Here are some programs that might give you money:

  1. SEED Manitoba Recognition Counts project

    This program gives you advice about money. It also lets you borrow up to $10,000. This money can help you get your qualifications accepted in Manitoba. To learn more about the SEED project, watch this video:

    Recognition Counts – Helping our new people

  2. Employment Manitoba

    Employment Manitoba has programs that help you get a better job. Learn about Skills Development Assistance, help for starting your own business, or Apprenticeship Assistance. See which program is right for you.

  3. Manitoba Nurses Union Continuing Education funds.

  4. Apprenticeship Grants

    Learn about the three types of Federal grants for people who want to work in skilled jobs. The province also gives help and services through Apprenticeship Manitoba. Learn about your choices for getting money, or earn money while you learn.

  5. Manitoba Student Aid

    Gives loans, grants and money gifts to people in Manitoba who need help paying for school.

For those in Regulated Professions:

Don’t just listen to what your family or friends say. Keep learning about new programs. Visit this website: Regulated Professions and Trades.

On this website, you can learn more about your work or skills. You can also learn who makes the rules for your work. Plus, you can learn about more ways to get help with money.

Skills enhancement

Manitoba Start offers many types of learning classes. Each class is made for a certain job. They also give training for different abilities. This training shows you things like how to work with a computer, how to speak to people at Toastmasters Club, and how to learn First Aid/CPR.

Workplace Education Manitoba and Essential Skills Manitoba, Inc. give important skills tests. They assist you in making your own plan for learning skills. They also give opportunities to learn for bettering your job or school.

Success Skills Centre offers useful learning, connecting programs, and skills training.

For language classes, you can read the article: Want to get ahead in the Canadian workplace? Be a lifelong learner! or Language training programs in Manitoba.


Look at the stories of other new immigrants. These people have done a good job. They got their official okay from our Qualifications Recognition section.

Learn about soft skills. Try to understand these skills. These skills are very important. You need them if you want to get a job in Canada.

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