Planning on going back to school? Here are resources to back you up

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Your decision to go back to school is a step in the right direction. Whether it be a bridging program, postgraduate studies, or training courses to hone your skills, it is a decision that you will not regret. In the competitive Canadian job market, upgrading your skills and knowledge continuously will help you stay marketable and promotable. It can even be a way to expand your network, gain a new understanding of your field, or explore new interests.

In the competitive Canadian job market, upgrading your skills and knowledge continuously will help you stay marketable and promotable.

The good news is that there are many support programs related to education and training, especially for newcomers to the province. Whether you are still looking for work or are already employed, these programs can help make it easier for you to train or study.

Start here

Employment and Development Canada has a resource called Let what drives you drive your career. This portal has links to skills self-assessment, education and training, financial support, career planning, job search tools, and many more.

Having an inventory of your skills, interests and abilities is a great way to start planning your career. This way, you can begin charting your course with a clear idea of what you’re working with and what you’re looking for in a career. You can then make a more informed decision when choosing courses and trainings to enroll in. The tools in this portal will help you at each step of building your career in Canada.

Funding programs:

Having enough finances could be one of your main concerns. If you’re going back to college or university, school advisors can inform you about scholarships, grants, and other supports. For those starting their certification and licensure journey, their respective professional associations would have the right information and guidance. Here are financial support programs you may be eligible for:

  • SEED Manitoba Recognition Counts project – This program offers financial counselling and an opportunity to avail of a loan of up to $10,000 to help with the costs of having your qualifications recognized in Manitoba. To know more about the SEED project, watch this video:

  • Recognition Counts – Supporting our newcomers

  • Employment Manitoba has programs that provide assistance for better employment opportunities. Learn about Skills Development Assistance, Self employment support services, or Apprenticeship Assistance and see which program is appropriate for you.
  • Manitoba Nurses Union Continuing Education funds.
  • Apprenticeship Grants – Learn about the three types of Federal grants for those aiming to build a career in the skilled trades. Meanwhile, the province also offers supports and services through Apprenticeship Manitoba. Learn about your options for funding, or earn while you learn.
  • Manitoba Student Aid – Provides loans, grants and bursaries to Manitobans who need help paying for school.

For those in Regulated Professions

  • Don’t rely on hearsay from family or friends. Stay up-to-date on developments regarding licensing and professional regulations for internationally-educated professionals. Go to:Regulated Professions and Trades. Get more information about your profession or trade, know your regulatory body, and learn more venues for financial support.

Skills enhancement:


  • Read the experiences of newcomers who have successfully achieved their licensure from our Qualifications Recognition section.
  • Learn about soft skills and how these relate to being employable in Canada.

Article updated August 22, 2023.

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Planning on going back to school? Here are resources to back you up

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