Can you be self-employed?

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You are self-employed if you:

  • work alone as a worker or contractor (freelancer)
  • own a business and control your own hours of work
  • are a business partner or co-adventurer

Consider the advantages and disadvantages


  1. You are your own boss. You choose how to work when to work.
  2. You decide on all matters concerning your business.
  3. Better work/life balance because you set your own hours.
  4. You have control of your earnings/profits.


  1. More responsibility. For example:
    • filing taxes
    • keeping records
    • making business plans and strategies
  2. No paid holidays or sick days. No health insurance.
  3. It can get lonely. No daily interaction with co-workers.

You can add more advantages and disadvantages to this list. This will help you make a good decision.

Learn all that you can

Preparation and training are important. Learn about rules and regulations, taxation matters, supports and financing, and the situation of the industry you will work in. For example, do you know how you will get customers? Do you have plans about marketing or networking? Join free trainings from SEED Winnipeg and the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg to learn more.

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Community Resources

  • Read: Employment Insurance special benefits for self-employed people.
  • Read An In-depth Guide for Independent Contractors in Canada by Daniel Kosir on Canada for more information.
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