Employment seminars. Do you need them?

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For many immigrants who are already experienced professionals, going to career or employment seminars seem like a waste of time. Many would argue that they would rather spend this time sending out applications and going to interviews than sitting around and listening to lectures.

While this is a valid choice, newcomers to Manitoba, whether experienced or just starting out, will find great value in attending employment workshops. For one, the Canadian labour market may be quite different from what they are used to. Employment workshops provide you with a snapshot of what to expect and the tools to help you successfully navigate a new environment. Secondly, immigrant-serving organizations offer assistance from resume-writing to actual job-matching and career counselling. Many of their programs are tailor-fitted to respond to your specific needs and may provide continuous support even after you get a job. And lastly, they provide all of these services for free.

Many programs are tailor-fitted to respond to your specific needs and may provide continuous support even after you get a job.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest time in career seminars:

  1. They provide best practices and techniques

    Seminars are designed based on the latest studies and industry surveys to provide newcomers with an accurate picture of their new world of work. Based on this information, they recommend best practices and techniques in getting and staying employed. In essence, you learn valuable shortcuts in your journey from newcomer to successful employee.

  2. They provide personalized assistance from experts

    Most employment programs in Manitoba offer assistance from career coaches or counsellors whose services you get for free. These counsellors provide one-on-one coaching to ensure that you get personalized assistance. They also make great references because they are familiar with your professional history. Just make sure to ask their permission first!

  3. Seminars are venues for networking

    You will meet all kinds of great people at employment seminars. Often, the participants also become your friends who then become valuable sources of leads for job opportunities.

  4. Job matching services

    Most immigrant-serving organizations build a job bank so they can offer job matching services for clients. They provide job leads for you and even assist you in crafting your application. Many go the extra mile and recommend you to their employer-contacts.

  5. Source of motivation

    Seminars provide an extra boost, especially when you become discouraged in your job search. Not only will you garner the support of HR experts who understand your situation, but you will also have the opportunity to share your experience with people who are in the same boat.

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Community Resources

If you wish to attend a career seminar or need employment assistance, find more information from the following links:

  • Settlement Pre-Arrival Online (SOPA) (Pre-arrival)
  • Manitoba Job Skills and Development Centres.
  • Manitoba Start primarily serves immigrants who are settling in Winnipeg as permanent residents. It offers various employment training programs to get you started and connects you to other services that you may need.
  • SUCCESS Skills Center is an employment, career assistance and training resource center for internationally educated individuals and skilled workers.
  • Accueil Francophone – provides settlement and employment services for French-speaking immigrants.
  • Immigrant Centre – provides settlement and employment services to newcomers who are permanent residents, refugees, temporary residents and temporary foreign workers, international students, visitors and Canadian citizens.

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Employment seminars. Do you need them?

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