How ChatGTPT can help you get that job

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Free tools like ChatGPT are now available for everyone.

Just like companies use systems to look at resumes, you can use tools like ChatGPT to make your job application better. These tools can save you time and make the job application process easier.

Know more about ChatGPT and what it is: Read 5 best ways ChatGPT can help you learn English.

Here’s how ChatGPT can help you apply:

  1. It can help you understand job ads

    Job ads can be difficult to understand. They often have long paragraphs and use difficult words. ChatGPT can help you understand job ads better.

    Here’s what you can do:

    • Ask ChatGPT to help you understand a job ad. For example, you can say: “Help me understand this job ad. Explain the job role and tell me the most important parts.”
    • Copy the job ad and paste it into ChatGPT with your question.
    • After ChatGPT gives you an answer, you can ask more questions to help make your resume and cover letter better. You can ask things like: “What words and phrases should I use in my resume and cover letter?” or “What job experiences should I talk about?”
  2. Use it to polish your resume and cover letter

    If you don’t have a resume and cover letter yet, you can ask ChatGPT to make one for you. Just give it the right information (don’t provide personal information like your address or phone number). But remember, what it makes is just a guide. You should edit it to make it your own. Always check any document.

    If you already have a resume and cover letter, you can ask ChatGPT to check it and make it better.

    To make your resume and cover letter better, use what you learned from #1. Use the words and phrases that ChatGPT suggested. Most importantly, use your own words to show who you are.

  3. It can help you learn about the company

    ChatGPT can help you find important information about the company. For example, instead of reading the whole company website, you can ask ChatGPT: “If I’m applying as a ____ in Organization X, what are the most important things I should know about the company?”

    It can give you some key points. It can also give you information about the company’s mission and values which you can talk about in the interview.

  4. Use it to practice for the interview

    A great way to practise for your job interview is to ask ChatGPT for a list of interview questions based on the position you’re applying for.

    You can also ask it to do a practice interview with you. To do this, you can type your answers or use Voice Control for ChatGPT, a Chrome extension. Take it a step further by asking the tool to correct or improve your responses.

  5. Create thank you and follow-up emails

    Add a special touch by sending a thank you email after your interview. As always, you can ask ChatGPT to make one for you, but don’t forget to personalize it.

    To personalize your email, mention some details about the interview. For example, you can say “Thank you for talking to me today. I really liked how you made me feel comfortable and asked insightful questions. I enjoyed our talk.” Be sincere. Reiterate your interest in the position. This will make you stand out.

Some reminders:

  1. The better your questions and prompts, the better the answers you get. Be as detailed as you can when using the tool. If you don’t like the first answer, click on “regenerate response”. Try different prompts. You can try some of the prompts in this article: 35 genius ChatGPT prompts to help you prep for job interviews.
  2. ChatGPT can’t provide real-time information. For example, it can’t help find current job openings. It also can’t tell you the latest news.
  3. Always double-check facts. If something looks wrong, look it up on Google. Check with another source. ChatGPT has limited knowledge of facts after 2021.

Goodluck and I hope you get that job soon!
Sources: All the ways ChatGPT can help you land a job, David Nield, Wired; and The Ultimate guide to using ChatGPT for job applications, Kayte Grady, Teal. Accessed July 31, 2023.

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