Jobs you can get quickly in MB that need little or no training

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Thinking of a career shift? Or maybe you need to go through licensing but need to get a job in the meantime? You may consider applying for related jobs or alternative professions. Another option could be jobs that are in-demand in Manitoba that you can train for quickly. These are great first jobs you can consider depending on your skills and interest.

Is your career path clear?

The first step you should take is to decide which occupation you want to explore. Do your research and make a career plan. Approach an Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker (NISW) in your area or organizations like Manitoba Start or Success Skills Centre and speak to a career coach to help you get started. They can suggest programs you can join or where to get training. They can also help you find government support or funding (student loan/grant program) if you intend to take longer courses especially if you are under Employment Insurance (EI) or Employment and Income Assistance (EIA).

Short courses for your first job

There are courses in Manitoba that run from one day to a few months to help you earn a certification. Once certified, you may hold jobs in the service, food and beverage, or hospitality industry; customer service; cleaning; construction, and others.

One to two-day courses: Examples: Food handler training, CPR course, bartending, traffic control (flag persons). Course and certificate can cost from $60 to $100+. However, some immigrant-serving organizations or employment centres may offer some of these trainings for free.
A week to three months: Examples: Training course for forklift operator for warehouse work, heavy equipment operator (bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, etc.), real estate or insurance and investments agent, or personal fitness trainer. The cost of courses can range from $500 -5,000+. For construction-related work, it may help to check with local companies or with employment centres to know which specific jobs they are hiring for, the basic skill requirements (for example, language skills) and recommended training schools.

Training for recruitment

Some organizations and corporations offer training for diversity hiring as well as filling skilled worker shortages. Trainings may be free or at a lower cost but have guaranteed jobs at the end. Some jobs that can be under this arrangement are fire and ambulance services workers, health care aides/community care (nurse’s aide), specialized welding or masonry workers.

Important note: Before accepting any training for recruitment contracts, make sure that the employer is legitimate. There are “job training scams” that trick applicants into paying thousands of dollars for training but do not provide jobs at the end. Check with the Better Business Bureau or call Entrepreneurship Manitoba’s Companies Office. Never be rushed or pressured into signing a contract that you do not fully understand. Don’t pay any fees if you’re not convinced that it is a legitimate transaction.

Additional related occupations in Manitoba

Additional regulated occupations and trades in Manitoba are those that require licensing but may take a shorter time. Depending on the specific occupation, the professional association/regulator may require membership, training, or passing an exam to be a licensed practitioner in Manitoba. To be qualified to apply for membership or the licensing program, some require related experience and/or the appropriate associate or bachelor’s degree in the specific field. As requirements for each occupation vary, check the website or inquire directly from the specific regulator. Example occupations under this classification include public health inspectors, arborists, interior designers, music teachers, driving instructors and others.

Sources: Short courses get you working sooner, Canadian Newcomer Magazine and Educational Assistance, Manitoba government. Accessed November 6, 2019.

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Community Resources

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba offers construction training ranging from administrative to safety courses.

Interested in the metal trade industry? If you’re unemployed and receiving EI or EIA, the Winnipeg Industrial Skills Training Centre, Inc. provides a 24-week training on Industrial Metal Fabrication and Industrial Welding with on-the-job training. They also help students get employed at the end of the course.

Information about course options for Child Care Assistants and Home-based Child Care Providers is available at the Manitoba Government site.

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