Self-Assessment: Your first step to success

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What is self-assessment?

  • The first step in planning your career.
  • It is looking at your education, skills and training before working in Manitoba.

Benefits of self-assessment:

  • Builds self-confidence.
  • Gives you a clear career path.
  • Helps you communicate your skills and strengths better.
  • Helps you make a strong resume and cover letter.
  • Helps you do better in a job interview.
  • Leads you to further education or training, or a career shift.
  • Prepares you for industry or workplace demands.

How to do it:

Review your:

  • work skills
  • life experiences
  • personality
  • values
  • interests

Use the following guides:

Map to Success

  • Write your plans and goals on paper. It will:
    • help you imagine and achieve them.
    • remind you of goals when you feel lost or when you need encouragement.

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Community Resources

Download the Employment checklist to help you prepare for your career in Manitoba.

For more assistance on self-assessment, find the Manitoba Jons and Skills Development Centre nearest you.

For more information on immigrant serving organizations and regional centres, go to Immigrant Serving Organizations.

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