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Historically, Manitoba has had the most stable labour market in Canada with modest changes in annual growth. The province’s unemployment rate will be steady until 2027 (4.6%).

Based on the Labour Market Outlook for 2022-2026, the economy will see a total of 141,300 job openings in this period. Of the total, 32 percent will come from expansion demand (new jobs due to economic growth) and the rest (68%) from replacement demand (job openings due to retirements and deaths).

Minimum wage

Manitoba’s minimum wage rose to $15.30 per hour on October 1, 2023.

Educational attainment

Based on the projected job openings, 56 percent would need some post-secondary education and training (for example, university or college degree, or a trade certification). Meanwhile, 33 percent may not need post-secondary training or education but will require occupation-specific or on-the-job training.

In-demand jobs

Occupations with the highest number of expected job openings until 2027 include:

  • Transport truck drivers (4,300 openings)
  • Retail salespersons (3,550 openings)
  • Nurses aides, orderlies and patient service associates (3,200 openings)
  • Retail and wholesale trade managers (2,810 openings)
  • Registered nurses (3,030 openings)
  • Elementary school and kindergarten teachers (2,790 openings)
  • Early childhood educators and assistant (2,340 openings)
  • Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations (2,180 openings)

High-demand Occupations Requiring University Education

It is expected that 36,200 of the job openings until 2027 are in managerial and professional occupations usually requiring a university degree.

These occupations are expected to create at least 500 job openings until 2027. These include:

  • Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses (2,850)
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers (2,810)
  • Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers (2,790)
  • Secondary School Teachers (1,150)
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants (1,500)
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers (740)
  • Information systems analysts and consultants (700)
  • Social workers (700)
  • University professors and lecturers (640)
  • Construction Managers (590)


Overall, the industries that will grow the most until 2027 are Health Care and Social Assistance (19,431 openings), followed by Wholesale and Retail Trade (16,002 openings), and Educational Services (12,573 openings).

Sources: Labour Market Outlook 2022-2026, Manitoba Government; CBC; and Labour market bulletin, Job; Retrieved February, 2024.

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