3 things to remember when shopping during MB’s tightened health orders

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As the pandemic worsens is online shopping the way to go?
With limited stores being open and shorter store hours, shopping may be hard for many people. Here are few things to remember:

  1. Know what are essential and non-essential items

    Essential items are items you need to live, such as food, and baby formula. Non-essential items are things like makeup, and perfumes.

    The sale of non-essential items are not allowed for in store shopping, however you are allowed to purchase non-essential items online. With the holidays not far away, online shopping can help you get the items you need without putting your family and others in danger.

    A list of essential and non-essential items is available on the provincial government’s website. Know the essential businesses (businesses allowed to open) from the link.

  2. Know safe shopping options

    Online shopping is the safest way to shop and is also the most convenient during the pandemic. All major stores are open for curb side pick-up and delivery.
    Curbside pickup: Order your items you want, pay online and pick up at the store in the designated parking spot. The items are brought right to you.
    Delivery: Items are delivered to your door, or step.

    It’s understandable that not everyone has credit cards to shop online. There are other ways that you can pay:

    • Visa Debit Card– Most banks offer a visa debit card. This is a card that is linked to your debit account that you can use like a credit card. This uses your own money and not borrowed credit. If you want this option, just call your bank and request for one to be mailed to your home.
    • Prepaid MasterCard and prepaid Visa– These are payment cards that you can purchase that can be topped-up. This means you can load as much money as you want on them. Use them to make payments wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted. You can buy prepaid cards at most grocery stores and pharmacies.
  3. Don’t panic-buy

    Lastly, don’t get in excess of what you need. The premier assured Manitobans that supplies are available for everyone. Rushing to the stores to panic-buy is not only unsafe for you and others, it can also cause a strain on the supply chain (just like the toilet-paper shortage at the start of the pandemic).

Stay updated

Public health orders can change at any time. This is done to protect all of us and to ensure that our hospitals and staff are not overburdened with cases. For instance, the most recent announcement added restrictions on gatherings at private residences, including a home, cottage, or vacation property. This means you can’t visit a private residence where you do not live (there are exceptions to this such as child care, tutoring or emergency response).

To know more details about the recent changes, go to changes to COVID-19 public health orders on the Government of Manitoba site.

Stay safe, everyone!
by Karen Lynn Swan

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