5 benefits of gardening you may not know

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Gardening season is here

  1. Many Manitobans start planting in spring.
  2. A garden provides fresh fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers.
  3. Gardening can also relieve stress, tension and increase your self-esteem.
  4. Get information if you are gardening for the first time.
  5. Read A Community Gardener Guidebook.
    • Know the type of plants that grow in Manitoba. Learn ways to take care of them.
    • Know the best plants to grow each season.
    • Know where to get free seeds.
    • Get tips on starting a garden in a small space.
    • Find online resources for other information.
  6. Join nutrition, cooking and gardening programs in Winnipeg for free.

Five benefits of gardening:

Prevents depression

  1. Gardening provides physical activity, awareness of natural surroundings and brain stimulation.
  2. It lifts your mood and reduces stress.
  3. Seeing fresh plants and beautiful flowers can make you happy. It will lighten your mood.
  4. Get a feeling of accomplishment when you make plants grow.
  5. Horticultural therapy is a field. It helps people cope with anxiety, depression, heart disease and post-surgery recovery by gardening.
  6. Plant fruit trees, scented flowers and herbs.
  7. Gardening nourishes the senses and stimulates thought.

Strengthens your immune system

  1. Sun exposure allows you to get Vitamin D.
    • Vitamin D promotes bone health.
    • It protects you from infections and other illnesses.
  2. Use sunscreen and take breaks.
  3. Vitamin D, fresh air and mild physical activity are good for your health.

Increases brain health and prevents Alzheimer’s

  1. Daily gardening is the best activity to prevent dementia.
  2. A study found that it reduces incidence by 36%.
  3. Scientists found that gardening improves memory and comprehension.

Improves hand strength and dexterity

  1. Planting uses muscles that keep your hands nimble. It strengthens the muscles and improves your grip.
  2. Do not overwork.
  3. You can get:

    • strain injuries
    • tendonitis
    • carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Avoid muscle fatigue.
    • Use the right tools.
    • Take frequent breaks.
    • Switch to different activities.
  5. Read 5 gardening hazards you should watch out for for safe gardening tips.

Encourages heart health and cuts stroke risk

  1. Moderate exercise promotes heart health.
  2. Gardening prevents you from sitting on your desk all day.
  3. A study showed that regular gardening cuts stroke and heart disease by up to 30% for those over 60 years old.

Happy gardening!

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