5 benefits of gardening you may not know

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It’s time to start gardening!

Did you know that gardening is good for you? It can help you relax and reduce stress. It can also make you feel proud of yourself.

Five benefits of gardening you may not know

  1. Boost your immunity

    Gardening can help your body make Vitamin D. This vitamin helps your bones stay strong and makes it harder for you to get sick. Gardening can also be a form of exercise. It can make you tired, which helps you sleep better. When you get enough sleep, your body can make special proteins and antibodies that fight off infections. Remember to take breaks and use sunscreen to protect your skin.

  2. Prevents depression

    Being around plants and flowers can make you happy. You will also feel proud when they grow. This is good for your mental health. Planting fruits, scented flowers, and herbs can help engage your senses. This can make you feel better.

  3. Increases brain health and prevents Alzheimer’s

    A study showed that gardening every day can reduce the risk of dementia by 36%. Scientists believe that gardening helps the brain because it uses many of its functions.

  4. Improves hand strength and flexibility

    Gardening uses some of the muscles in your hands. This helps you grip things and keeps your hands flexible. Be careful not to overdo it. You can get hurt. Read 5 gardening hazards you should watch out for for more advice.

  5. Encourages heart health and cuts stroke risk

    A study in Stockholm showed that gardening can help people over 60 reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease by up to 30%. It is even better for heart health than running for this age group.

If you’re a beginner, the A Community Gardener Guidebook can help you. It will tell you where to get free seeds, how to start a garden even if you don’t have much space, and which plants are best to grow in each season.

Have fun gardening!
Article updated March 21, 2024.
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