5 things to know about the Canada Dental Care Plan

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The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a new program from the government. It helps people in Canada pay for dental care. The program will start slowly. It will begin with older people this year. People can start applying in December 2023.

  1. What is the Canada Dental Care Plan?

    The CDCP is a program that pays for basic dental care. It is for Canadians who do not have dental insurance. Your family must earn $90,000 or less to join. The program is not for people with dental benefits from work. The CDCP will start with different age groups at different times. You can see the schedule in a table from Health Canada.

  2. Canadian Dental Care Plan Phased Rollout table

    Table from The Canadian Dental Care Plan (https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/news/2023/12/the-canadian-dental-care-plan.html) by Health Canada.

  3. Is it different from the Canada Dental Benefit?

    The Canada Dental Benefit is not the same as the CDCP. It started last year. It helps parents pay for their children’s dental care. The children must be younger than 12 years old. This benefit is only for a short time. It was made while the government planned a long-term dental program. Parents can get money for their children’s dental care. This is for care given from October 1, 2022, to June 30, 2024. Each child can get up to $650 each year. The amount of money depends on the family’s income. You can check if you can get the Canada Dental Benefit online.

  4. Who can join the Canada Dental Care Plan?

    To join the CDCP, you must be the right age. You must also:

    • Earn $90,000 or less for your family
    • Not have dental insurance
    • Live in Canada for tax reasons
    • Have done your taxes last year
  5. What does the CDCP pay for?

    The CDCP pays for many dental services. These services must be needed for health reasons. They include:

    • Cleaning teeth and other preventive care
    • Check-ups and X-rays
    • Fillings, crowns, and false teeth
    • Root canal treatments
    • False teeth
    • Deep cleaning for gums
    • Pulling out teeth
  6. How do I join?

    If you can join, you will get a letter. The letter will tell you how to apply.

    At first, you must apply by phone. Service Canada will check your application. If you can join, you will get a package from Sun Life. It will tell you when and how you can start getting dental care paid for.

    Starting in May 2024, you can apply online if you are allowed to join then.

    Sources: Canada’s new dental care plan could impact nearly 9 million Canadians — are you one of them? Mouhamad Rachini, CBC; Canada Dental Benefit, Government of Canada; Canada Dental Benefit, Manitoba Dental Association; and Canada Dental Care Plan, Government of Canada. Accessed December 18, 2023.

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For more information, read the Canada Dental Benefit factsheets available in various languages: Canada Dental Benefit: Multilingual Resources.

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