Amazing mental health resources during COVID winter

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Feeling lonely lately? With the stricter public health measures being enforced, many will be feeling isolated and alone this winter. But despite less options for us to gather and mingle, there are many supports to keep you mentally healthy (and they’re free) during COVID winter. Here’s a list:


If you need someone to talk to and you’re looking for advice, a sympathetic and caring voice is just a call away (remember that you don’t need to be in crisis to call):

A complete list of provincial-wide mental health crisis hotlines (including Regional Contacts) may be found here: Mental Health Resources from Manitoba Health

Websites and apps

With the continued need for social distancing, online means became invaluable tools from anything to acquiring essentials to mental health support. The following are some of the digital mental health tools available Canada-wide that were developed during the pandemic. This list of 31 mobile health apps and 114-web based resources was the result of research done through EENet, PSSP and CAMH. The supports cover various mental health needs and a variety of interventions:

(Airtable)COVID-19 Digital Health Resources – Websites
(Airtable) COVID-19 Digital Health Resources – Mobile Apps

A preview of some of the digital tools included in these lists:
Mental Wellness Journey Toolkit (Wellness Together Canada) – This portal provides free self-guided courses and apps, online community support and coaching and one-on-one counselling. It can tailor a support program for you based on an initial assessment (you’ll have to create an account). If you do not wish to share your personal information, you can directly access educational resources, e-courses and free counselling on the platform (Mental Health and Addictions Resources).

Togetherall – Free online mental health support network for individuals 16+. It allows people to connect with others to share how they are feeling via text, images, etc.

Ten Percent Happier – Ten Percent Happier created the Coronavirus Sanity Guide. It’s a resource and wellness list of podcasts, blog posts, meditations, and virtual talks that individuals can access free of charge.

Others (not included in the lists):
Virtual Hospice – COVID-19 and grief – This is a step-by-step online resource for people working in healthcare who need help handling grief that they encounter in their profession and in the midst of the pandemic.


AbilitiCBT – This is an online virtual therapy program for Manitobans age 16 and older experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. It is confidential and accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Newcomer Collaborative Community Mental Health Service – This is offered by Aurora Family Therapy Centre. It provides mental health support as well as case management services (support for areas like housing, food security, medical appointments, etc.). Services are done using clients’ language of preference. Acceptance to the program may require a referral.
Updated January 12, 2022.

Sources: Care for your Mental Health, Government of Manitoba; and Research Snapshot: Finding digital mental health tools during the pandemic: A synthesis of resources, Provincial System Support Program and CAMH. Accessed December 17, 2020.

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