Feeling cooped up at home? Try these free tools to ease your isolation

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It feels like the quarantine had just ended and now we’re on lockdown again. If you’re starting to have cabin fever, here are some great online ways to keep your family healthy and entertained.

Keep the blues away

Depression is normal to feel, especially in highly stressful situations. As the pandemic worsens and stress rises do not forget to take care of your mental health. Here are some great online resources to help you keep your mind and body healthy at the Manitoba Health – Caring for your Mental Health page. If you or anyone that is close to you needs someone to talk to, help is available at no cost!

Shake it up with On Demand Classes

Staying indoors can also have some downfalls when it comes to exercising. Stay healthy and active with free online exercise/yoga videos from great sources such as the YMCA 360 website. The Y’s on demand workout classes are for free.

Have fun together from a distance

One great idea is to host events such as movie nights, or game nights online. Zoom is a great platform that can be accessed for free. It allows anyone to join a meeting. You can invite your friends, family members, or anyone who has access to the internet. Maintaining relationships are important during this time plus, you may not know how your loved ones are feeling. Cheer them up and make them feel less alone with these mini events.

Using Zoom is easy! But if you need help, go to this page: Zoom Support. Need ideas for online games? Watch the video below:

20 Fun Games to Play on Zoom | Easy Virtual Zoom Games for Families, Shawn M Howell

Go out on a virtual tour

Explore with the family through virtual tours and live cams. Museums around the world like The Museum of Natural History are offering tours of the exhibits which can be explored from your own home at no cost. Some museums also provide interactive activities to help little learners. There’s also the San Diego zoo which offers free real-time cameras that capture the lives of the animals and their daily routines. These are great things to do with the family, or even by yourself when you’re looking for something new to do!

There are many resources and activities to help you cope with the pandemic, just remember to keep informed and keep safe!
by Karen Lynn Swan

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