Fully vaccinated? Here’s what’s safe for you to do

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Vaccination efforts have been intensified all over the province, and we’re meeting our first and second dose targets ahead of schedule. This is why you can see that reduced restrictions are now being implemented by phases (we are on the second phase now of the “4-3-2-One Great Summer” Reopening Path ).

If you’re among the amazing Manitobans who have been fully vaccinated, you might be wondering whether you still need to follow health protocols. Read on to know what’s safe for you to do:

Do you still need to wear a mask?

If you’ve just received your second dose, remember that you have to wait two weeks before you are considered fully immunized. In the meantime, continue to observe safe health practices like physically distancing and wearing a mask when in crowded places, especially indoors.

The following are considered low-risk activities if you’re fully immunized:

  • Visit fully vaccinated loved ones in personal care homes or hospitals.
  • Travel within Canada (essential and non-essential) without having to self-isolate when they return to MB.
  • Eat indoors in restaurants and bars with others who are fully vaccinated.
  • Hug someone who is fully vaccinated.
  • Attend indoor gatherings and take part in communal activities with others who are fully vaccinated.
  • Not wear a mask when with a group of fully vaccinated people.

Should you get a vaccination card?

Currently, the province has no plans to restrict people from accessing public services if they are not vaccinated. However, Manitobans who can prove they’ve been fully vaccinated are allowed expanded visits at health-care facilities, including hospitals and personal care homes, and also don’t have to quarantine for two weeks after returning home from outside the province. Some major sporting events, museums and other facilities may require proof of immunization when they open.

If you’re interested in getting your vaccination card, read Do you need a vaccination card? to know where to go and the documents you need to request for one.

For your complete guidance, check Changes to Public Health Orders.

Article updated July 15, 2021.

Sources: Manitoba moves forward with first step of reopening, gathering sizes increase, restaurants can reopen, Danton Unger, CTV News; You’ve had your 2nd dose. What’s safe to do now? Emma Paling, CBC News; and Province of Manitoba (COVID-19 pandemic Response System). Accessed June 24, 2021

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