How to get a doctor in Manitoba

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Steps in finding a doctor

  1. Get a health card (read Essential documents for newcomers).
  2. Register with the Family Doctor Finder:
  3. Give basic information:
    • 9-digit Personal Health Information Number (PHIN)
    • name, gender, date of birth, address, phone
    • preferred location
    • preferences for a health care provider
  4. Register by phone if:
    • you are registering more than one person, or
    • anyone under the age of 16
  5. Get a number after registering.
  6. A Primary Care Connector will find a doctor.
  7. Getting a doctor takes approximately 30 days.

If you or a family member needs medical help during this period:

  1. Go to Quickcare clinics in:
  2. Quickcare clinics:
    • for minor health issues
    • staffed by registered nurses and nurse practitioners
    • come in with or without an appointment
  3. Call Health Links-Info Sante:
    • 204-788-8200 or
    • toll free at 1-888-315-9257
  4. Go to ACCESS Centres:
    • in Winnipeg and Brandon
    • offers a wide range of health and social services

Doctor’s services

  1. Manitoba Health Care coverage pays for insured services provided by doctors.
  2. These range from:
    • routine check-ups
    • emergency care
    • care while you are in a hospital
    • others
  3. Your family doctor can:
    • refer you to a specialist
    • order necessary surgery, anesthesia, X-rays and laboratory services

Making the most out of health care services:

  1. Build a good relationship with your family doctor.
  2. Help him/her understand your health by:
    • being prepared
    • providing complete medical records
    • providing your children’s vaccination or immunization records
  3. Know your rights as a patient.
  4. Control decisions about your health care.
  5. Be informed.

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Community Resources is a directory of health care services.

Read about Patient Safety from the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety resources page. Available in various languages.

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