Where to go for up-to-date and factual COVID-19 information that you can rely on

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We saw that with the rise of COVID-19 cases also came a flood of misinformation and conspiracy theories. These ranged from the funny (e.g. being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds means you don’t have COVID) to the ridiculous (the COVID-19 vaccine will contain a microchip to spy on you). However, some of these, especially those circulating on social media, play on people’s vulnerabilities and can be dangerous. This has prompted governments and the scientific community to work harder on beating the “infodemic” that we see today.

The following are recommended websites and resources that are factual and reliable. These sites use scientific and peer-reviewed information that are updated as new findings and developments become available:

General information on COVID-19 vaccine and public health:

Find factsheets and posters on various languages on essential COVID-19 facts as well as guidelines ranging from healthy behaviours to travel, entry and quarantine:

On the Immunization Plan/Program:

Get the latest updates on the immunization Plan. Learn about how the federal and provincial governments are evaluating vaccines and approving them for distribution, the latest vaccination statistics, authorized immunization clinics, and other information you may need.

On the COVID-19 vaccines:

Fact-checking and Mythbusting sites:

Will taking Vitamin D or bleach help cure COVID-19? Is 5G causing the virus? To get answers and separate fact from fiction, go to these sites:

Immediate information on health questions:

Health Links – Info Sante


  • Digital Tools and Apps for staying healthy
  • COVID-19 Screening Tool – Shared Health Manitoba Screening Tool
  • Where to find COVID-19 Test Sites
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