10 ways to make the best out of your ESL class

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Scared about going to your ESL class? This list will tell you how to prepare for it. It will also help you make the most out of the class:

  1. Come prepared

    Find out where your class will be held a few days before it starts. Use Google maps to locate the building. Once you’re inside the building, have a plan for asking for directions to the classroom.

  2. Be ready

    Having these items will be useful – a few pens, a highlighter, a ruler, a binder, a notebook and some loose leaf paper.

  3. Read the course outline carefully

    A course outline describes the topics covered for the course. It can also give you an idea about learning goals. The outline will have important dates for tests and activities. It will also have the instructor’s contact details.

  4. Participate!

    You may have to complete activities yourself during class. You will also join group discussions, pair work, or even a group presentation. An ESL class is a safe place to make mistakes because everyone else is learning too. Start by asking questions or discussing with a partner. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas to the class.

  5. Create a vocabulary journal

    Get a notebook and write down the meaning of new words you come across. Study your vocabulary journal every week.

  6. Speak to your instructor

    Inform your teacher if you are can’t come to class. Give him the reason why. Let him know about problems you may have during the course. You can speak to him before or after class. Ask for an appointment to meet if you need a longer discussion.

  7. Know your classmates

    Make friends with your classmates. Ask them what they did to improve their English. They can also give you advice on living in Canada.

  8. Make a study plan

    Set aside time every week for reviewing, preparing for tests and completing assignments. Make a timetable to guide you. You can pin this schedule on your wall to remind you.

  9. Add learning resources on your own

    Here are some online resources you can use:
    Grammar Quizzes
    Grammar Bytes
    Sounds of English
    The Learn portion of livelearn.ca
    English Club
    The local library has resources for ESL workbooks and audio resources. You will need a library card to borrow the materials.

  10. Have fun!

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Community Resources

Here is a list of Language training programs in Manitoba.

The Enhanced English Skills for Employment Program is focused in teaching English used in the workplace.

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10 ways to make the best out of your ESL class

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