5 best reasons to learn English online

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For newcomers to Canada who need to improve their language skills, signing up for English classes is usually one of the first few things they do. Once the classes begin, learners find themselves rushing to and from their language classes and trying to juggle studying in between work and family commitments.

Most newcomers endure this stress and inconvenience because English language proficiency will have a positive effect on their employment prospects (read this article by Don Cayo of the Vancouver Sun on the effect of language skills on income of immigrants).

You may be one of these newcomers or perhaps, you are just starting to consider taking an English class but just could not find the time.

Have you ever considered learning English online? If you want to know how it can help busy individuals like you, read on to find out more!

  1. Online classes are time savers

  2. Imagine attending an English class and not having to take a bus, look for parking or even step into a classroom. One of the major appeals of online courses is that learners save a lot of time not having to travel to their class and re-arrange their busy schedules. If you have children, you can study while they are completing a quiet activity, or you may want to enlist the help of another family member to watch over them.

  3. You can learn in the comfort of your home!

  4. What you will need is a computer or laptop (preferably with a camera installed), an internet connection and a headset. You can learn in the comfort of your home which in itself can be a stress reducer, especially for learners who are nervous about attending classes and speaking to other people.

    You can also opt to study in the library or a coffee shop (because you enjoy a bit of background noise or you find yourself getting distracted with other things at home). You will need a secure Wi-Fi connection and a good security program to prevent sharing vital information on your laptop with others in the vicinity. Winnipeg Public Libraries offer free wireless internet access at all locations. Read the Winnipeg Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy page to learn more.

  5. You can complete courses at your own pace

  6. Some classes and workshops are delivered at a set time and date. With these synchronous classes, you meet your instructor and other learners at a specific time and you complete assignments within a certain time frame. In asynchronous classes and workshops, you can go through the course materials at your own pace. Learners who are nervous about keeping up with course materials will enjoy the flexibility in these types of classes.

  7. You can choose courses or workshops that interest you or are relevant to you

  8. Maybe you only need help in a certain skill area like learning how to make small talk, or building your vocabulary. Online courses can offer a more personalized approach to learning with lessons that are interesting, authentic and focused. You can pick a course that you think you will enjoy or find useful in your everyday life. Whether you are trying to understand the idioms you sometimes come across, or would just like to chat online with a group of fellow learners about life in Canada (yes, you do get to interact with other leaners!), there is an online learning option that will fit your need or preference.

  9. Develop computer skills that can boost your resume

  10. The technological aspects of online classes might be intimidating for some learners. Not to worry! Well-developed courses offer tutorials on accessing course content or using certain simple programs. You can also request for assistance from your instructor or the program coordinator. A bonus of learning online is that you also develop your computer skills and gain more confidence with using technology. This will be especially advantageous for work and/or school!

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5 best reasons to learn English online

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