5 best reasons to learn English online

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  1. Online classes save time

    • No travel.
    • Save time and money.
    • Study while your kids are near you.

  2. You can learn at home

    You will need:

    • a computer or laptop (with camera or webcam)
    • internet connection
    • headset

    It is less stressful. Especially if you are nervous about attending classes and speaking to other people.

    You can also study in a library or a coffee shop.

  3. Complete courses in your own time

    • Study on your free time during the week. Study on weekends.
    • Learning is flexible and pressure-free.

  4. Choose courses or workshops that interest you

    • Online courses are made to fit learners’ needs.
    • Choose a course that you enjoy or find useful in daily life.
    • Learn Canadian idioms, or join a coffee chat.
    • Talk with other newcomers online.
    • Choose to study alone, with a group, one-on-one with a teacher, or with peers.

  5. Develop computer skills

    • Online learning is not hard or technical. You get used to it.
    • You gain confidence in using technology.
  6. How do you learn what to do?

    • Follow simple instructions before a class starts.
    • Follow tutorials (step by step instructions on how to do something) to get course content or use simple programs.
    • Ask help from your instructor or program coordinator.

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