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Audio tools to improve your English

What are English audio tools?

  1. These are programs or clips you can listen to. They help improve your English.
  2. You can listen to them anywhere. You can use them on your way to work, while relaxing at home, or while doing household chores.
  3. There many audio tools. You can
    • listen on a website
    • save podcasts to listen to at a later time
    • install an app on your mobile phone
  4. Most of audio tools are free.
  5. They will help you get used to hearing how English words are pronounced.
  6. They can help you learn to speak like a native faster.

English podcasts

Better at English – (For intermediate learners. Available on iTunes or the website).

  1. The audio files are on:
    • grammar
    • language learning strategies
    • other aspects of the English language.
  2. These will help you get used to hearing a normal English conversation.
  3. You can download podcasts or read the dialogues.
  4. There is a bonus vocabulary lesson in each podcast.

Business English Pod – (For intermediate learners or for beginners who want a challenge. Available on iTunes or the website).

  1. The lessons are about different business situations.
  2. Only premium members can download the transcript, quizzes and lessons.
  3. But it has many free podcasts you can listen to online or download.

Voice of America – (for various levels of English. Available on iTunes or the website).

  1. Many topics are about American culture. But there are also topics of general interest.
  2. It has Learning English Broadcast
    • It is a daily, 30-minute program.
    • It talks about global news and information.
    • It has vocabulary and grammar tips.
  3. It also has Radio Programs
    • audio materials such as narrated short stories and articles on lifestyle and health.
    • you can choose on the audio menu. It is at the upper right hand side of the webpage.
  4. Narrations are done at a slower pace. Past lessons may be downloaded.
  5. Transcripts of the audio files have a vocabulary lesson at the end.

Culips ESL podcast – (for various levels of English. Available in iTunes , Android or RSS or on the website).

  1. This site is for those who want to learn conversational English.
  2. It has:
    • Chatterbox Episodes
    • Catch Word Episodes
    • Simplified Speech Episodes
    • Real Talk Episodes
  3. The podcasts have learning materials:
    • transcripts
    • detailed explanations
    • quizzes
  4. But the learning materials are not free. They are for members only.

News and current affairs websites

News in Levels – (various levels, audio files can be accessed on the website).

  1. It has latest news in three levels: elementary (1), intermediate (2) and advanced (3).
  2. You can read or listen to the articles on the page.
  3. A video news version can also be seen on the lower part of the page.
  4. Level three has a vocabulary lesson explaining difficult words in the article.
  5. It has suggested activities at the end to help improve your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.

Breaking News English – (for various levels, can be accessed on the website).

  1. Features news articles written for various English language levels.
  2. For each level, the news is narrated in various speeds.
  3. Aside from audio resources, it has a variety of learning activities for spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Lingohack from BBC Learning English – (for intermediate learners, can be accessed on website).

  1. Video news and current features are presented as language lessons.
  2. Words and phrases are defined. Language exercises are at the end of each transcript.
  3. All lessons can be downloaded in audio or pdf.

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