Language training programs in Manitoba

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Immigrant serving organizations

  • Most immigrant-serving organizations in Manitoba offer free language courses.
  • IRCC funds them to provide courses for various levels of English courses.
  • Some offer child-minding services for parents.
  • Others offer online learning where you can study at home.


All permanent residents and refugees can have free language courses. You will need the following:

  • landing papers
  • permanent resident card
  • refugee claimant papers
  • Manitoba health card
  • You will need a Canadian Language Placement Test (CLBPT).
  • You can take this for free from the Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre (WELARC). Call for an appointment. WELARC will refer you to the right English program.

If you are not in Winnipeg:

  • Westman Immigrant Centre(Brandon)
  • SEELS (Steinbach)
  • Other immigrant serving oganizations in other areas

  • Language training programs

    Free programs:

    1. English Online is a settlement and language-learning program.
      • You can access free settlement information and language training materials at the Live and Learn site.
      • Registered learners can join coffee chats, webinars and workshops.
      • Enroll in LINC Home Study program if you cannot attend face-to-face classes.

      Watch the video to know more about the program:

    2. The YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg’s English as a Second Language Course. This is for women who need childcare to attend class.
    3. Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network also offers workshops with child care services. Newcomer parents can also join family-friendly, parenting programs.
    4. The University of Winnipeg’s English for Specific Purposes Program (ESP):
      • English for Professional Purposes (EPP)
      • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
      • The Foundations for ESP course is for students with CLB level 5-6 who want to move on to CLB level 7 in courses in ESP.
    5. Red River College has:
    6. Enhanced English Skills for Employment Program teaches English used in the workplace.
    7. A&O Support Services for Older Adults has a 10-week program offering Conversation Circles. This is for immigrants 55 and older. You can get their schedule of classes here: Entry Program for Older Adult Immigrants.
    8. Winnipeg School Division’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) program teaches English for settlement, educational and employment purposes. Classes are held part-time in the day and in the evenings.
    9. Access English Centre offers free conversation circles several times a week. The sessions are conducted by a facilitator.
    10. The University of St. Boniface teaches various levels of French for Manitoban immigrants.

    Paid programs

    1. Applied Linguistics Centre has full-time classes for CLB levels 1-8. They last for 2-3 months.
    2. Heartland International English School offers ESL programs from beginner to advanced levels. They have full-time and part-time study programs.
    3. The University of Manitoba offers part-time courses for English for Academic Purposes.
    4. The University of Winnipeg’s Workplace Communication Skills Enhancement for Internationally Educated Professionals has communication coaches. They work with you to improve your oral and technical writing skills, communication styles, and more.
    5. Red River College’s Intensive English for International Students focuses on language skills for living and studying in Canada. Activities include classroom study, field trips, computer laboratory work, informational interviews, community contact assignments, and others.

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