Alternative ways to solve a dispute in Manitoba

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Court cases can take a lot of time. They can also be very expensive. But don’t worry, there are other ways to fix an issue. This is helpful if your case is not too hard. These ways also cost less money. They help you find a solution quickly.


Mediation is a way where a person, who is not part of the issue, helps two groups who can’t agree. This person is the mediator. The job of the mediator is to help the two groups talk to each other. The mediator helps them agree on a solution. Mediation is used when there are problems in a family, at work, or in things related to the law.


Arbitration is not as easy as mediation. This uses a person called an arbitrator. The arbitrator is like a judge. The arbitrator hears what both sides want to say. Then, they make a decision. This decision can be binding or non-binding. If it is binding, it has to be followed. If it is non-binding, it does not have to be followed. If it is binding or non-binding is based on the agreement between the two sides. Arbitration is used in business and hard situations.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a way where each person has a lawyer. These lawyers make a promise that they will not bring the case to a judge in a court. They all work together as a team to find answers. They often ask for help from other experts. These experts can be people who give advice about money, or people who help with feelings and thoughts, called therapists. This way is used when couples want to divorce. It is also used when there are troubles in the family.


Negotiation is the easiest type of ADR. In a negotiation, the people with a problem talk to each other. They can also talk with the support of their lawyers. They hope to find a solution to the problem that makes everyone happy. You can use negotiation in many situations. For instance, you can use it to solve personal problems or problems at your work.

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is about fixing things after a bad action. It brings together the person who was hurt, the person who did the bad thing, and the community. They talk about how the bad action changed things for them. They also look for ways to say sorry and make things better. This method is used in communities.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is useful for many things. It helps to save time and money. But, there are more good things about it:

  • It helps make relationships stronger.
  • It lets people have more control over what happens at the end.
  • The process is quicker and simpler than court cases.

Learn more about your Alternative Dispute Resolution options

Family Law Manitoba – This website talks about Family Law. Family Law is about many things. One of these things is who takes care of the children. It also talks about getting help from a husband or wife. It talks about support for children. It also talks about how to divide things you own.

ADR Institute of Manitoba – ADRIM offers a service named ADR Connect. This service is a list of ADR experts in Canada. Any person can use this list. They can use it to find help.

Mediation Services – The services help to solve family problems. They also help with problems at work. They help with problems in the community too. They also have classes on the internet. Some classes are free. These classes teach about how to solve problems.

Choosing the best way to solve a problem depends on the problem. It also depends on the people involved. They should want to work together. By looking at these options, people and businesses in Manitoba can find good ways to solve problems. This helps make the community a peaceful and understanding place.
Sources: Resolving disputes – think about your options, Government of Canada; and Alternate Dispute Resolution, Family Law Manitoba; Accessed October 4, 2023.

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