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Individuals and families who need legal assistance may call or approach several agencies in Manitoba. These services are usually given for free, especially to low-income individuals, or at a minimal cost:

Legal questions/information

If you need to be clear on matters of Canadian or Manitoban laws, you can call the Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Service. They provide general legal information and can also refer a lawyer to you.This service is provided by the Community Legal Education Association (CLEA).

You can also consult the Legal Help Centre which provides referrals, public legal help, and education aside, from information. Their drop-in clinic is open every Tuesdays and Fridays (except for holidays) from 1:00–4:00 pm. You can also access legal information on their website.

Hiring a lawyer

Some settlement service providers can assist you if you need a lawyer, especially if it involves family violence. Both CLEA and the Legal Help Center also provide referral services. If you want to look for a lawyer independently, you can use online resources such as the Law Society of Manitoba’s Lawyer Look-up, Canadian Law List, or JusticeNet.

Matters of separation and divorce

Manitoba’s Family Conciliation Services provides help to families undergoing separation or divorce. These services are for free, and may be accessed through the request of the court or directly requested by family members. Among these services are mediation, counselling, information and referral, as well as support services for children and teens.


Generally, lawyers can notarize documents such as affidavits, certified true copies of original documents, power of attorney, and other documents, for a fee. For free notarization, newcomers can approach their riding’s Member of Parliament (MP) or go to the nearest Settlement Provider Organization for assistance. Some agencies, like the Immigrant Centre, provide this service for a minimal fee (call (204)943-9158 for inquiries).


Service Canada has a host of legal assistance services for newcomers to Canada: (see Service Canada legal assistance for newcomers). Among these are the Bankruptcy Assistance Program, which helps newcomers who wish to declare bankruptcy hire a bankruptcy trustee if they cannot afford it; Record Suspensions program, which grants, denies or revokes criminal record suspensions for past convictions under federal statutes; Applications to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for patents, trade-marks, or copyrights; and the Victims Fund, which provides victims of crime with emergency financial assistance.

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Community Resources

You can access Canadian law information in plain, straightforward English at the Canadian Law site.

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Do you need legal help?

Read the following questions and select the best answer(s) for each one. Please note that some questions have more than one answer.

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