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You already know that learning with us is free, flexible, and you don’t need to travel (of course, it’s online!). But don’t just take it from us, take it from our satisfied learners:

  1. Already good at English? You can practice your conversational skills with us.

    “Even if I’m speaking English every day at my workplace, I only use professional language. I want to learn diverse expressions. When I joined the Coffee Chats, I was able to practice conversational English.” Grace Y.

    We have Coffee Chats, Drop-In Sessions, and Multi-Week Courses where you can share your views and experiences and listen to other newcomers share their own. In the process, you will get more comfortable speaking and listening in English. Plus, you can gain friends along the way, not only virtually but in real life.

  2. Learning with Live & Learn is learning English and more!

    “Learning with LINC Home Study is enriched because of the available resources on livelearn.ca website. It provides information for every aspect of settlement and integration that newcomers need. It does not only teach you about English; it tells you how to live your life well, how to manage your family. Everything is there. All you need is to do is read and learn.” Praba B.

    Our learning options are based on settlement themes. We make sure that you get accurate and up to date information to help you settle in Manitoba comfortably. We even have articles on parenting, improving your health, and managing your money more efficiently. Life is great in Manitoba and we want you to succeed!

  3. Learning with us gives you confidence.

    “I want to add that the one-on-one class gave me the confidence to volunteer. After a month of studying, I felt that I had the energy and was ready to contribute something. I accomplished a CPR course, got a certificate, and applied for a child abuse registry check. They were all in English and I did it on my own”. Firouzeh A.

    We believe in self-directed learning. This means that you, the learner takes charge of your learning goals. This develops self-discipline and drive, two traits that lead to confidence in anything that you do. But you won’t be completely alone, don’t worry. Our e-facilitators are always there to guide you and give you the necessary push to become a proactive learner. We’ve got your back!

  4. You will be inspired!

    “I was so inspired by the other learners I met during the chats. I could see their progress every time I meet them online. From knowing very little English, they improved with every session. It was very encouraging.” Echo D

    Our learners are awesome! You will meet many driven and passionate newcomers who want to succeed for themselves and their families. You can’t help but persevere yourself when you notice their learning progress. We make sure that we have a nurturing and safe learning environment where we can make mistakes and receive encouragement from one another. There’s no judgement here. That’s why our learners flourish!

  5. You’ll learn more about Canada

    “I have taken online workshops, virtual coffee chats and the Summer Course. Learning with EO is very convenient! No need for child care, no need to travel, and the lessons are useful. I don’t only learn English, I learn about Manitoba and Canada as well. I joke with my relatives back home that I now know more about Canada than my home country.” Sana N.

    We talk about Canadian culture, geography, history, even hockey! Our sessions are based on real-world topics that would be practical for you to know. It’s a great way to immerse yourself and learn more about Canada.

  6. Volunteering with us can change your life

    “When EO was looking for a volunteer proofreader, I thought it would be a good fit for me. Although I realize volunteering has its own rewards, I could never have envisioned how much I would gain from this experience. Mentored by Iwona, the team lead, I earned her trust and soon became involved in creating and editing content for the summer MOOC. I learned so much from her about online learning. As a spin-off, I volunteered to mentor some learners who were ineligible for the program. More than five years later, I have a deep and lasting friendship with Iwona, as well as those students. This experience has enhanced my life immensely.” Francine S. from ON

    Not only do you get to help newcomers settle, you will also learn new skills when you volunteer. You will gain technical skills and improve your digital knowledge. These skills that are in demand and are required in any workplace in the 21st century.

    Interested in becoming an e-Volunteer? Go to Volunteer.

  7. You’ll learn goal-setting skills

    “Before, I wanted to be a teacher, or maybe become a nurse. When I think about it now, I say it’s impossible because I’m too old to start and because of the kids. When I began attending Coffee Chats, I met people who set goals for the future. They planned their learning to achieve something. I think I can do it too.” Niyba A.

    One of the secrets to succeeding in Canada is being proactive. This is why we want you to take charge of your own learning! You’ll be trained to create SMART goals when you join us. This goal-setting strategy is applicable to anything in life.

  8. It’s a fun and comfortable environment

    “I have fun attending the Coffee Chats because I meet a lot of people who are determined to learn English. We have fun, share jokes with each other and it is okay. It’s not so serious, and I have fun while learning. It is a comfortable environment. I don’t know why, but maybe that’s the magic of the virtual classroom. Or maybe because, aside from our great teachers Yuliana and Blaine, many people work behind the scenes to make it a good learning environment.” Firouzeh A.

    Are you one of those people who have not tried online learning because you think virtual classrooms do not offer real human connection? Well, try our virtual classroom. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

  9. We have great materials

    “Live and Learn is perfect for parents like me who have work and have to take care of kids. I’m really comfortable learning online but I’m aware that it can be hard for some people. But I definitely recommend Live and Learn even for people who can attend school. You can find really good materials here. You have a lot of information, you even have seminars! In my opinion, it’s great! I definitely recommend it.” Monica D.

    Did you know that English Online has the best teachers and curriculum developers around? That’s why our materials are created and curated to meet newcomers’ and language learners’ specific needs. Learning with us is not only fun; it’s effective. Plus, our materials are available 24/7.

  10. We prepare you for living in diverse Manitoba

    “The best thing about learning with English Online is that it gives me the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people from different countries. We don’t only learn from an e-facilitator, we learn from all the participants. It is great to share views, hear about different experiences, varied accents, and different levels of English! This experience prepares us for living in Winnipeg as it is the most diverse city in the world.” Nikita K.

    Culture shock is real. We can help you prepare for it. In our virtual classes, you can ask questions, discuss issues and learn more about our multicultural society in a safe and informal environment.

Convinced? Check out our learning options! Read Why should you learn with Live & Learn? or go to this link to Register.

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