10 essential apps every newcomer should have on their phone

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Here are the most useful apps for getting quick and reliable information even while on-the-go. These apps are free and downloadable whether you have an Android or IOS phone:

  1. Weather app

    What it’s like outside seriously affects our everyday life. You will realize this especially during the winter months from December to March. Knowing the temperature, wind chill factor, and weather alerts (the weather can change quickly too) are essential for your comfort and safety.

    WeatherCAN is Environment Canada’s latest tool. It allows you to receive weather alert notifications in your area, as well as in your saved locations, wherever you are in Canada.

    If you don’t like WeatherCan, try other free apps like The Weather Network (scroll down to the footer to Weather Tools), or AccuWeather (scroll down to Apps and Downloads).

  2. Google maps

    Finding your way around the city is easy with this GPS tool. You can even find out the best route options that would take the least amount of time. For those with mobility issues, accessible transit routes may also be found here (Tap options under the routes section).

  3. BUSguide/Navigo Trip Planner

    This is Winnipeg Transit’s app which you can install in all your mobile devices. You can also try the Winnipeg Bus Live app which finds all the bus stops near your current location. Read Tips for first-time bus riders for more tips about taking the Winnipeg Transit.

  4. Manitoba 511

    Get the latest information about road conditions on Manitoba highways through this app. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Another option is Waze. This app provides an overview of what is happening in the streets in real time. It can help you avoid heavy traffic and find the quickest routes to your destination.

  5. Winnipeg Public Library

    This is an app with a host features. It allows you to manage your library account remotely – you can search the catalogue for books, movies and other materials; renew borrowed items; place a hold on books; and pay fines and fees. You can also browse free programs, book a computer, find your nearest library branch (and get directions), and many more.

  6. Manitoba Consumer Protection

    Worried about signing a contract or closing a deal? You’ll find the answer to your questions on the Consumer Protection app. Whether it’s related to buying a home or vehicle, or something as simple as returning goods, this app will help you know your rights and prevent you from falling for frauds and scams.

  7. Know your Zone

    This provides up-to-date snow zone information when a residential parking ban is declared (for Winnipeg residents). It will alert you of snow-related parking bans in effect, designated snow zone associated with an address, residential snow clearing schedule, and snow-clearing underway on a colour-coded map.

  8. Health Canada COVID Alert

    This is a mobile tool that can help you be aware of a possible exposure to COVID-19. It provides digital alerts once you download it on your smartphone. Note that the app does not collect personal information or health data. It also does not track the location, name, address or contacts of any user. It uses bluetooth technology to detect when users are near each other. Any user who contracts COVID-19 can let other users know without sharing personal information.

  9. Pay by Phone

    This app allows you to pay for your parking fees remotely. It also provides an alert when it’s time to go. If you want to extend your parking time, the app will allow you to do this and pay via your phone.

  10. Recycle Coach

    This easy-to-use and delightful app will increase your recycling IQ by providing a suite of educational tools online. It has a search tool (“What goes where?”), handy tips and blog posts to help you how to properly recycle.

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