10 websites every Manitoban newcomer should bookmark

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Need information quickly? That’s what websites are for. The following are the top websites you should bookmark to have handy information at your fingertips:

  1. 211 Manitoba

    This is a directory of government, health and social services across the province. It is divided into categories: food and clothing, housing and homelessness, health, mental health, employment, newcomers, children and parenting, and youth. If you live in Winnipeg, you may prefer Winnipeg 311 to access city services.

  2. Environment Canada

    Know the 7-day weather forecast as well as weather warnings ahead of time to help you plan your day (as well as your wardrobe). Information on this site is essential especially during winter months.

  3. Live & Learn

    Get information and tips on 12 settlement themes: About Canada, Living in Manitoba, Employment, Health Care, Education, Community Circles, Language Training, Rights and Freedoms, Law and Justice, Money and Finances, Digital Citizenship and Learning Strategies. It’s the quickest way to learn about life in Manitoba.

  4. Facebook

    (specifically Facebook groups)
    Want to know the best stores to buy your native food? Or learn about the newcomer experiences of your countrymen in Manitoba? Join a Facebook group. Search for them using the search tab, for example: “newcomer groups in Manitoba” or “(your nationality) immigrants in Manitoba.” When you join these groups, you can also ask questions, get new connections and learn about job openings. Aside from FB groups, you can also follow settlement agencies to know about free trainings, job opportunities or events.

  5. Preferred news site

    For example: CBC/CTV Manitoba, or Global News, AM680 CJOB – Be up-to-date with goings on in your environment. Get quick updates about extreme weather, school cancellations, traffic and construction, and other hot issues in your area.

  6. Manitoba Start

    Aside from connecting you with other settlement services, Manitoba Start also offers various trainings and activities to get you job-ready. Explore job matching to get your directly in touch with employers so you can get a job quickly.

  7. Winnipeg Transit: Navigo Trip Planner and Google Maps

    These are the best sites to know how to get around the city/region. Download the apps to have a handy guide when you’re on-the-go.

  8. Winnipeg Public Library (Millennium Library)

    The Millennium Library is definitely more than a place to get books.Bookmark the site to know about various activities: from lectures and workshops to concerts and exhibits. Join books clubs, the English Conversation Group and get help getting EAL/ESL materials. You can also use their internet-enabled computers. There’s so much you can do at the library! Aside from these, you can get help from community crisis workers if you need counselling services or assistance for housing, health care or employment.

  9. Manitoba government job opportunities

    The government of Manitoba is one of the province’s top employers with over 14,000 employees throughout the province. Government jobs are also some of the most stable and well-paid in Canada.

  10. Canada Job Bank, Indeed or Workopolis

    These sites are your best buddies while looking for work. Periodically check the sites or sign-up for job alerts to receive emails when jobs in your field become available.

Government websites to bookmark:

Need to renew your PR card or check the requirements to apply for citizenship? Planning on sponsoring a relative to come to Manitoba? Have a question about benefits, your taxes, or health care coverage? These are the official sites you need to go to:

  1. IRCC
  2. Province of Manitoba website
  3. Service Canada
  4. Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living
  5. Canada.ca (CRA etc.)

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