3 tips for the best summer staycation experience

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With COVID-19 restrictions now all but gone, we know you’re raring to go out and travel this summer. But if you’re still being cautious (since the pandemic is still not over after all), consider the following staycation activities this summer:

  1. Try fishing

    Fishing is a wonderful activity that combines relaxation and sport. It’s also ideal in these times because you naturally physically distance yourself from others to get good results. If you’re interested, start by getting a fishing license. It’s easy to get online.

    To prepare, you should also:

    • Get the Manitoba 2022 Angler’s Guide to know the regulations observed in each region of the province. The guide also contains a list of fish species that may be found in each area.
    • Know the proper gear to use. The video below features the proper tools you need and shows some basic angling techniques.
    • Attend fishing clinics for beginners to learn the basics attend the: Learn-to-Fish program.

    There are so many great places to fish in Manitoba. If you want to stay close by, you can go to The Forks and fish in the Assiniboine River. Outside of the city, there’s a great spot on the portion of the Red River between Lockport and Selkirk. There’s also La Barriere Park where you can catch walleye, sauger, catfish and crappie. If you like trout, consider going to Brandon near the Turtle Mountain area. Farther north you’ll see a sprawling landscape with countless lakes and rivers. Here you can catch Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Brook Trout and Arctic Grayling.


    Fishing 101: A guide for beginners, CBC News

    Some safety tips:

    • There is a high drowning rate in the province. Newcomers may not be familiar with the nature and depth of Manitoba lakes and rivers so it’s important to always observe safety protocols. Wear a life jacket if you will be taking a boat to go into deeper waters.
    • Protect your skin by wearing proper clothes (covering your arms preferably) and a hat. Always wear sunscreen.
    • Bring bug spray in the summer.
    • Take enough water with you and drink often to prevent dehydration.
  3. Try something new

    Have you tried any of the following?

    • Go to a drive in movie – Watch family favourites under the stars and in the comfort of your own vehicle. Check the following venues in MB: Stardust Drive-In in Morden, Big Island in Flin Flon, and Shamrock Drive-In in Killarney.
    • Enroll your kids at a Virtual Summer Camp – Kids can unleash their creativity and learn computer design software for drawing, design or animation. Check Red River College’s Technology, Art and Creativity Camps.
    • Join a virtual Book Club – Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading! Enhance your experience by talking about what you’ve read. Check out virtual book clubs at the Millennium Library You’re also welcome to join our Reading Club where we go short story by short story or our Advanced Reading Club and discuss a book chapter by chapter with online peers.
    • Volunteer – Every little bit of help counts! Harvest Manitoba and Red Cross Manitoba are always looking for people like you. If you’re interested in teaching English or coaching another newcomer to help them settle in Manitoba, check out our e-Volunteer Program (send an email to pelalfy@myenglishonline to apply).
  4. Explore Manitoba

    Have you seen an aurora? Hiked in the woods or gone canoeing? There are so many amazing things to see and experience in our province! If you’re in Winnipeg, go to the Forks, Assiniboine Park and Zoo, Fort Whyte Alive, or roam around the Exchange District to discover its many historic sites.

    Here’s a YouTube playlist on the 7 Wonders of Manitoba

    If you want to go out a bit farther, go on a road trip or day camping, or visit vacation cabins, yurts and beaches. Try Clearwater Lake Provincial Park just outside of Pas, Pisew Falls and Kwasitchewan Falls in Thompson, Bakers Narrows near Flin Flon, or Grand Beach on the shore of Lake Winnipeg (about an hour and half drive from Winnipeg). Also don’t miss St. Malo Provincial Park and Sandilands Provincial Forest. Want a wild adventure? Check out the Narcisse Snake Den in Gimli. Need more options? See a list of provincial campgrounds and parks here: Manitoba Park Maps and Locations. Make sure to know local restrictions before you go. If you’re looking to stay over the weekend or for more days, you can book a cottage or cabin. Remember to reserve ahead of time.

Have a great summer!
Article updated June 22, 2022.
Sources: Hooked on the idea of fishing? Here’s what first-timers need to know in Manitoba, Rachel Bergen, CBC News and Where to staycation in Manitoba this summer during COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel Bergen, CBC News. Accessed June 25, 2020.

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