4 reasons to see Folklorama this year (and every year)

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Folklorama Festival 2021 is on this year! However, it will be fully virtual. Performances will be live-streamed and can be seen from the Folklorama website for free. You can also purchase food from the event’s restaurant partners (for delivery) or goods from the virtual marketplace, which features local vendors. Folklorama, the multi-cultural fusion event, opens on August 6 and runs until the 8th. Please check their website for more details on event activities.

Folklorama is a summer tradition

  1. It is one of the most popular festivals in the province.
  2. It has a multi-cultural flavour and wide variety of entertainment. You can:
    • see cultural performances and displays
    • experience as many global cultures as you can
    • enjoy an atmosphere respect and appreciation for diversity.
    • celebrate Manitoba’s multiculturalism.

What is Folklorama?

  1. It is a festival held in August. It runs for two weeks.
  2. It has:
    • multicultural presentations (songs and dances)
    • authentic ethnic food
    • cultural demonstrations and other activities
  3. It has more than 40 pavilions each year. Each one presents a unique culture.
  4. Volunteers run the pavilions.
  5. The pavilions are in various venues throughout Winnipeg.
  6. You can visit more than one pavilion per evening.
  7. One set of pavilions are featured on the first week.
  8. A different set is featured on the second week.
  9. Visit these sites on your own or through a tour.
  10. There are many types of VIP Tours. They include:
    • passes to two to three pavilions
    • air-conditioned transportation (except for VIP Cycle and VIP Walking Tours)
    • reserved seating
    • a meal
    • a guided cultural display tour
  11. Choose from the many VIP Tour options on the website.

Why should you see Folklorama?

It’s fun and educational

  1. It has:
    • amazing dances
    • lively music
    • colourful traditional attires
    • beautiful ethnic crafts
    • delicious food
  2. Friendly ambassadors are in each pavilion. They can tell you about the culture they are representing.
  3. Learn global cultures the fun way.

It is the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in the world

  1. Folklorama began in 1970. It was held to celebrate Manitoba’s centennial.
  2. It started with 21 pavilions. They were open for one week.
  3. The festival had more than 75,000 visits. It has been held every year since.


  1. Folklorama is a pioneer in promoting Manitoba’s ethno-cultural communities.
  2. It has won numerous tourism awards.
  3. It has been recognized for having a strong volunteer program.
  4. It is one of the Top 20 major events that bring visitors to Canada.

It mostly run by volunteers

  1. Folklorama takes 20,000 volunteers. They help run Folklorama every year.
  2. Volunteers promote their ethno-cultural heritage.
  3. Join the Team Folklorama Youth Division if you are 14-25 years old. It provides mentorship, networking and skill-building all year-round.
  4. Interested in volunteering? Go to this page: Volunteers

Article updated July 27, 2021.

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