5 things to watch out for in spring

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Spring is a season with both positives and negatives. The good things include:

  • Warmer weather
  • Beautiful greenery

The bad things that come with spring are:

  1. Pothole season

    When the snow melts in Manitoba, it is common to see craters on the roads. This is because of potholes. Potholes are caused by water seeping under the pavement and freezing. When the ice melts, the pavement contracts and leaves gaps. This spot gets weaker with more freezing and thawing. The weight of vehicles passing over it also wears it out. This is how potholes form.

    When driving, be careful of potholes. They can cause a shock to your vehicle and can lead to accidents. In Manitoba, crews work hard to patch these holes to keep roads safe.

    • If you spot large potholes, you can call 311 or report it online if you’re in Winnipeg. This way, the crews can fix the pothole and make the roads safer.
  2. Tick season

    When the snow melts, two types of ticks come out. Wood ticks and blacklegged ticks. Blacklegged ticks can carry Lyme disease. They are much smaller than wood ticks. They look like black or brown seeds with black legs.

    To avoid getting bitten by ticks, you should cover up when you go outside. Wear long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, and socks. Put on bug repellent with DEET. When you come back home, do a tick check. If you find a tick, pick it up carefully and upload a photo to the eTick website or app. If you think you were bitten, go to your family doctor right away.

  3. Allergy season

    In Manitoba, spring and summer are allergy seasons. If you have cold-like symptoms and sneeze a lot, it could be because of allergies. Pollen from flowers, trees, weeds, and grass can cause allergies. April and May are the worst months for tree allergies. June and July are the worst months for grass allergies.

    If you think you or someone in your family has allergies, it’s important to keep track of when the symptoms appear and what might be causing them. This information will help your doctor give you the right diagnosis and treatment plan. You can also check forecasts from Accuweather and pollen forecasts from The Weather Network.

  4. Flooding

    Floods happen when snow and ice melt because of warmer weather. Five things decide how bad the flooding will be. These are:

    • Soil moisture at the start of winter
    • How much water the rivers can hold
    • How much moisture is in the snow
    • How quickly the snow melts
    • How much rain there is during spring

    If all of these are high and the rivers can’t hold much water, then the flooding will be very bad.

    If you live in a low-lying area, it is important to stay informed. You can do this by checking Manitoba Government News Flood Bulletins or local news sources like CBC News Manitoba.

  5. Unexpected weather

    In Manitoba, the weather in spring can be hard to predict. It’s a good idea to keep a jacket, gloves, and a tuque (a type of hat) with you. An umbrella is also a good idea. Stay safe!

Article updated March 19, 2024.

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