5 things to watch out for in spring

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There is a good and bad side to everything. These are also part of this season:

  1. Flooding

    This happens when the snow and ice melts. If the amount is high and they melt fast, rivers may not be able to hold all the water. Listen to the news to stay safe. Check Manitoba Government News Flood Bulletins or local news like CBC News Manitoba.

  2. Pothole season

    You will see these potholes after the snow melts. They are holes on the road. During pothole season:

    • Drive carefully.
    • Manitoba crews patch these holes to keep roads safe.
    • Report large potholes in your area to help. Call 311 or report it online.
  3. Tick season

    Ticks come out when the snow melts. Look out for wood ticks and blacklegged ticks. Blacklegged ticks carry Lyme disease. They look like black sesame seeds (male) or brown with black legs (female). Cover up if you are going out.

    • Wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, closed shoes and socks.
    • Use bug repellent containing DEET.
    • Do a tick check when you get home.
    • Send a photo of the tick to Manitoba Health if you catch a tick or get bitten by one. Go to: Manitoba Tick Checker. They will tell you how to treat the bite.
  4. Allergy season

    Spring and summer are allergy seasons in Manitoba. It is caused by pollen. It comes from flowers, trees, weeds and grass. April and May are the worst months for tree allergies; June and July for grass allergies.

    Consult your doctor for treatment. Write down the time and possible causes for the symptoms. Check allergy forecasts from Accuweather and pollen forecasts from The Weather Network before you leave the house.

  5. Weather changes

    Manitoba weather is unpredictable in spring so always check Environment Canada. Have jackets, gloves and tuque ready. Bring an umbrella for unexpected rain.

    Many people get sick when the weather changes. Cold and flu are not caused by the change in weather but a change in the weather can lower the immune system and cause stress. Have a healthy diet, get regular exercise and enough sleep to fight viruses. Ask your doctor for advice.

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