5 ways to stay productive this summer

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Summer in Manitoba

  1. Victoria Day is the unofficial start of summer.
  2. Consistently warm weather comes in late June to August. Summer starts June 21st.
  3. We experience four months of good weather.
  4. It is the best time to see nature and breathe fresh air.
  5. There are many activities you can do with your family in summer.

5 ways to make your summer days fruitful

  1. Go outside! But plan your activities early

    • Plan your activities ahead of time. You will have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
    • Long weekends (holidays) are great opportunities to discover your new country. You can:
      • have a picnic in the park
      • go camping
      • go to national parks and museums
      • attend Manitoba summer festivals
      • go for a long drive to see the prairies
      • have a barbecue in the backyard
    • These activities will help you experience Canadian culture.
    • There are many free activities in Manitoba. Start with this list: 20+ free and almost free things to do in Manitoba.

  2. Keep learning English

  3. Studying in summer does not sound fun. But not studying will let your progress go to waste. You can still keep learning while enjoying summer by:

    • Using livelearn.ca self-study resources

      • Read and study any time of the day.
      • Our website is mobile-friendly. Use your phone anywhere.
      • Read or listen to idioms
      • Practise with a few exercises each day
      • Read articles
    • Using audio resources and podcasts
    • Attending the Summer Course
      • English Online’s Summer Course runs for nine weeks.
      • Learn about summertime in Manitoba.
      • Improve your speaking and writing skills.
      • It is flexible. Participate during your free time and while enjoying summer activities.
      • Share your outdoor adventures in class.
      • Improve your speaking and presentation skills in the process.

  4. Start a garden

    • Beautify your home and get fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Enjoy healthy food. Save on grocery bills.
    • Teach your children about responsibility, caring for the environment and good nutrition.
    • You make a garden even with a limited space.
    • You will be happy when you see your plants in full bloom this summer.
    • You can grow plants all year-round in Manitoba. But this is a great time to plant outdoors.
    • Know the right type of plants to grow. Know the ways take care of them. Get A Community Gardener Guidebook.
    • Read Nutrition, cooking and gardening programs in Winnipeg for more information.

  5. Exercise

    • You can exercise all year round. But you have more options for outdoor activities in summer.
      • Walk or jog around the block
      • Bike
      • Skateboard
      • Go hiking on the weekends

      Indoor options:

    • Summer is the best time to stay active.
    • Eat a healthy dose of fresh fruits and vegetables in season.
      • Manitoba has the sweetest berries in summer.
      • Berries are delicious and have a lot of antioxidants.

  6. Get a summer job or volunteer

    • Boost your career by volunteering this summer.
    • Gain new skills by getting a summer job if you’re a student.
    • Gain friends, professional connections and earn your own money.
    • Kids as young as 12 years old can start earning work experience (with parent’s permission).
    • Manitoba Youth Job Centres have free employment referral services from May to August.
    • Read Programs and services for Manitoba youth for other employment and training resources.

Additional tip: Get your wardrobe ready

  1. Use a light coat and short-sleeved shirts.
  2. Continue to layer clothes. The weather can be unpredictable.
  3. Mornings are chilly. Even with a +18 forecast, the wind can make it cold. Take off some layers of clothes when it gets warmer.
  4. You should have:
    • Light jacket or windbreaker
    • Long-sleeved shirts, pants and socks. You will need these to protect your skin from mosquito bites if you will go outside.
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses or shades.
    • Sun block or sunscreen

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Community Resources

Read: Quick tips to remember when staying outdoors in summer, Summer food safety tips and Preparing for a summer vacation: safety and security tips for more information.

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