8 marvelous things to look forward to in fall

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Sad that summer is over? Don’t feel down. There’s so much to look forward to in the fall!

First, the cooler temperature invites you to thoughtfully contemplate nature’s beauty amidst its changing colours (See? I’m already starting to sound poetic). Around you, you will see trees and shrubs change to varying shades of red, orange, brown and vibrant yellow. This phenomenon is such a wonder to behold that watching fall leaves is considered a regular pastime. It’s called “leaf-peeping” and it means to travel to admire and photograph foliage in the fall. It’s so popular that tours are being offered in certain places in Canada and the US.

Second, you can look forward to…well, let’s continue with a list:

Fall harvest

Did you start a garden this summer? Well then, it’s time to reap your rewards! Your fall harvest may include apples, corn, squashes, beets, Brussels sprouts and many others. If you are not into gardening, you can still enjoy many fruits and vegetables in season by getting them at farmer’s markets or at groceries. Use them for making comfort food like soups and stews as well as pies and puddings. These goodies are perfect for the cold weather.

Did you know that in the days before electricity, farmers relied on the moon at harvest time? Farmers waited for the full moon that occurred in September for the extra available light. This allowed them to work into the night to harvest crops. This is why the full moon that happens on fall equinox is called the Harvest moon.

Aurora borealis

The best time to catch the northern lights is in the fall. Why? Because the longest hours of darkness in Canada start this season. And did you know that Manitoba is one of the best places to see an Aurora? Churchill is always mentioned but you might be able to catch this natural wonder on a clear night in Winnipeg.
Aurora borealis behind a row of trees

Image by Robert Linsdell from Flickr, CC-BY.

Fall camping

You don’t have to start hibernating in your room just because summer is over. Fall camping is a unique experience that will allow you to go leaf peeping up close (incidentally, do you know why leaves change colour in the fall?) and if you’re lucky, may even see an aurora. In the evenings, make a bonfire to stay warm and cuddle up with someone. Complete the experience with some s’mores and hot chocolate. Go to Manitoba Parks to check fall camping schedules and to reserve your spot.


There are four holidays in Manitoba in the fall. We look forward to: Labour day (1st Monday of September), Thanksgiving (second Monday of October), Remembrance Day (November 11), and Halloween (October 31). There’s also a new Federal holiday this year called Truth and Reconciliation Day (September 30th) which “provides an opportunity for each public servant to recognize and commemorate the legacy of residential schools.” These occasions are great opportunities for you to celebrate with the community and get to know Canada even more.

Fall festivals

Festival season is never over in Manitoba. The province has about 15 festivals in September alone. This includes ManyFest, Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival and the Manitoba Fibre Festival in Winnipeg; Honey, Garlic and Maple Syrup Festival in Pembina Valley; Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater; and Teulon Pumpkinfest in Manitoba’s Interlake region. So enjoy nature’s fall bounty or take a road trip or two with your family before winter begins (but check before going, events may have been postponed due to the pandemic).

No more bugs!

If you were pestered by mosquitos, wasps, ladybugs or even worms in summer, you could now go and enjoy the outdoors pest-free! The colder weather pushes out most insects to migrate or hibernate.

DST ends

You get back an hour of sleep in November! DST or Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 a.m. on November 7 this year (2021). Remember to set your clocks accordingly to avoid confusion. Want to know more about DST? Read: What is Daylight Saving Time?
Article updated September 10, 2021.
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