9 Things I didn’t know about Manitoba until I got here

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  1. Manitobans are charitable

    • Manitoba donates more than any other province in Canada.
    • It is among the top five donors in North America.
    • Most Manitobans help their community.
    • It is normal for Manitobans to do volunteer work.
  2. It has two seasons: winter and construction!

    • Summer in Manitoba is a time for road constructions.
    • The city repairs potholes and other damage caused by the winter months.
    • Expect re-routing and heavy traffic along the roads.
  3. “Pegcentricities” (Winnipeg or the “Peg” + eccentricities)

    • “Pegcentricities” means things that are unique to Winnipeg.

    Bus culture

    • Check the bus schedule before you leave. They can change.
    • Always arrive early at the bus stop.
    • Small talk at the bus stop is common. People talk about the weather.
    • Leave front seats for passengers with baby carriages and the elderly or disabled.
    • Help pull the seats up if you are near the front seats.
    • Move toward the exit before the bus stops.

    Pronunciation of some streets/boulevards.

    • Lagimodière Boulevard – lahz-mo-dee-air
    • Des Meurons –day-meu-rohn
    • Cockburn – coh-burn
    • St. Vital – vih-TAL


    • It is a fundraising activity for a wedding or a community cause.
    • It is a party with food and wine but you may have to pay for them.
    • The ticket sold is an entry for a raffle for prizes.
  4. The prairies are extremely beautiful

    • Manitoba has extremely clear skies.
    • It has vast plots of tall prairie grass and yellow Canola fields.
    • You will see gigantic windmills against the electric blue backdrop of Manitoba skies.
    • It is amazing scenery unlike anything in the world.
  5. It experiences tornadoes

    • Southern Prairie provinces and southern Ontario to southern Quebec are tornado-prone areas.
    • Tornadoes usually occur in the summer. They are formed from severe thunderstorms.
    • Tornadoes rarely happen.
    • The National Building Code of Canada has rules to keep buildings and homes tornado-proof.
  6. Neighborhoods place a high value on manicured lawns

    • Manitobans like clean, well-maintained and weed-free front lawns.
    • Many homeowners plant and tend gardens in the summer.
  7. Manitobans really love a good deal

    • Manitobans are practical.
    • They love discounts, tax-free days and other promotions.
    • Movies are almost half-price every Tuesday.
    • There are free movies at the park or at the beach in summer.
  8. Mosquitoes and forest tent caterpillars

    • Summer is mosquito season in Manitoba.
    • The city has scheduled foggings to kill mosquitos.
    • You can continue enjoying the great outdoors if you have bug spray.
    • Forest tent caterpillars infest some trees once every 10 to 15 years.
    • An infestation can last two to three years.
    • The caterpillars do not harm people.
    • But they can cause tree deaths as they eat the leaves.
    • Spraying insecticides such as permethrin, pyrethroid, or malathion stops the infestation.
  9. It is historic

    • Winnipeg was known as the “Chicago of the North”.
    • It was a gateway to Canada’s west between 1880 and 1900.
    • Winnipeg was a centre of grain and wholesale trade, finance and manufacturing.
    • A reminder of this period is the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg.
    • The Exchange District was named a national historic site in 1997.
    • The area has 150 heritage buildings.

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