Arranging temporary housing before you arrive

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Where to stay when you arrive

Choices for temporary housing:

  1. Staying with family or friends

    • The safest choice.
    • Your friends can also pick you up at the airport.
    • Be a good guest.
    • It is a temporary arrangement. Don’t stay too long!
  2. Apartments, rental houses

  3. Hotels/Motels/Bed and Breakfasts

  4. Hostels

    If you are alone, choose hostels or homestays (staying with a local family). Check:

  5. Be careful when booking online:

    • Don’t click on pop-up ads (online advertising) that offer cheap rates.
    • They can get your information and use it to get your money.
    • Call the hotel or hostel before booking.
    • Ask questions before paying online.
  6. Welcome houses for refugees and new immigrants

    • Some immigrant serving organizations offer temporary housing.
    • Sponsors apply for refugees.
    • Non-refugees can apply after arriving in Manitoba.
    • If you are not a refugee, contact immigrant serving organizations.They can connect you to other services you may need.

Learn about the place you will be staying in:

  • Choose the city you will live in. Know more about the place.
  • Use Google maps or Navut.
  • If you are choosing a neighborhood to go to, use Navut.
    • Indicate if you want to live near schools, stores, or downtown.
    • Navut will give you a list based on your choices.

No one to pick you up at the airport?

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Community Resources

Visit the New Journey Housing website to learn more about housing and maintenance.

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Arranging temporary housing before you arrive

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Arranging temporary housing before you arrive

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