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Here are 15 more new words to add to your Canadian vocabulary:

  1. ABM – Automated Banking Machine. Otherwise known as an ATM (automated teller machine).
  2. All-dressed – a type of potato chip. For hotdog sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, it means having all the condiments and ingredients that come with it (e.g. green peppers, mushroom, pickles, etc.).
  3. College/University – These two terms are not interchangeable in Canada. College is where one goes to learn a trade or 1-2 year courses. University is where you a get a degree which requires a minimum of four years or equivalent credit hours.
  4. Fire hall – a firehouse or fire station.
  5. Gas bar – a filling station or a gas station.
  6. Mickey – a 13 oz. bottle of liquor.

    Yellow Adirondak chair, beer belly, and antique pablum tin

    Image of Adirondack chair by Tamanoeconomico, photo of Molson muscle example by Ekpah, both from Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA; image of an antique pablum tin by Thomas Quine from Flickr, CC-BY.


  8. Molson muscle – potbelly or beer belly (Molson is a Canadian beer brand).
  9. Muskoka chair – also known as Andirondack chair. You usually see this popular furniture on porches, lawns and camps. It is characterized by broad arms and a slightly slanted back, all made from sturdy wood. (Muskoka is cottage district in Ontario).
  10. “Out for a rip” – out for a ride or an excursion.
  11. Pablum – first food for infants. It is also called infant cereal.
  12. Pogie or Pogey– being on welfare or social assistance (or EI).
  13. Stag/Stagette – bachelor/bachelorette party.
  14. Track pants – sweat pants
  15. Wicket – window or counter (that area where you stand waiting for service from a person behind a window, for example at bank or government office).
  16. Write (a test) – take a test.

30 Canadian words our American friends don’t understand, Steven Shehori, Slice; 55 Canadianisms you may not know or are using differently, Jules Sherred, GeekDad; Slang words: What do Canadians say? Huffington Post Canada.

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