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Ready for 15 more Canadianisms?

  1. Clicks (or Klicks) – slang for kilometres or kilometres per hour.
  2. Darts – other term for cigarettes.
  3. Deke – to physically outmaneuver an opponent (used especially in hockey).
  4. Elastic – rubber band.
  5. Freezies – a summer treat consisting of sugar, flavouring and water frozen in a clear plastic tube.
  6. Girl guides – girl scouts.
  7. Gitch (or Gotch) – men’s underwear.
  8. Donair – a pita with spiced meat and a sauce made from sugar, vinegar, milk and garlic.
  9. Give’r – to totally go for something (to give it all you’ve got). (Example: “I’m not much of a dancer but since we need to win, I’d give’r on this dance-off”).
  10. Holiday – vacation.
  11. Housecoat – bathrobe.
  12. Invigilate – proctor (or supervise) an exam.
  13. Kerfuffle – a fight or commotion between two or more people.
  14. Kitty-corner – something that’s in a diagonal direction from something else. (“That grocery store is kitty-corner to the school.”).
  15. Marking a test – grading a test.

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